Thu 18 Dec 97 17:34
By: Jack Sargeant
To: All
Re: What would really happen?

What would happen if a real flying saucer were to land at a well-known, heavily-populated site. How about Central Park, N.Y.C. ...on a Sunday afternoon, scattering hundreds or even thousands of people?

Would the authorities try to cordon-off the area and threaten the population against talking about it? ...Or would this really be the right way for alien visitors to announce their presence? If a giant flying saucer were to slowly descend and hover a thousand feet over Manhattan, glide slowly toward Central Park, then land in a clearing like a baseball field, the authorities would be hard-pressed to do much of anything to the public. The cat would be out of the bag.

The National Guard would be called out, and the huge saucer surrounded. It would be considered a crime scene, just as though people were taken hostage, and a stand-off situation would be at hand. Then, a huge panel would slowly slide open, and a bright light would shine out at its entrance. ...A ramp would slowly slide into position, as though an appearance by the occupants was imminent.

This is where the story pauses. If no immediate emergence of the visitors was to take place, it would be fairly obvious the next move was up to the authorities. Would soldiers with their weapons drawn start moving toward the entrance to the saucer? Is this the scenario we could expect?

In the movies, it is the authorities that are always the aggressor toward alien visitors. Is this correct? In the movie, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, a similar scene was created. A lone, tall humanoid, looking rather ordinary except for his shiny costume, descended from his flying saucer, and had an object in his hands which he opened and... BANG! the "weapon" was shot out of his hands. It was assumed that this one, lone being was going to take on the entire national guard of Washington, D.C. "With this gift, you could have cured many of your ailments." ...Or something to that effect were the stranger's first words.

The entire film was "on target" in my opinion. ...But what kind of world is it that has our policy as one that shoots first and asks questions afterwards?

Our very history speaks for itself. When our forefathers came to America, it was more in the role of conqueror than visitor. We literally came to pilage, and claim lands in the name of the Queen. If we crossed space and landed on a strange world, it would probably be with sword in hand. It is our very history that would dictate our actions if the flying saucer scenario I've depicted were to take place.

We only fear the alien visitor because of what we know about our own nature. In other words, the alien visitor must be mean and aggressive, because that is the way mankind is... ...Mean and aggressive.


* Origin: -=Keep Watching the Skies=- ufo1@juno.com (1:379/12)


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