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Helena and Michael Kobrin

Helena Kempner Kobrin was born on April 27, 1948. Her social security number is 124-38-3697. She received a B.A. from Hofstra University, and a J.D. from Seton Hall Law School in N.J., graduating from Seton in 1978. Kobrin was editor in chief of the Seton Hall Law Review, and authored a Comment entitled “Disqualification of Federal District Judges -- Problems and Proposals” which was published by the school journal, at 7 Seton Hall L. Rev 612, 612 (1976). In this well-written and well-reasoned article, Kobrin argues for a system in which federal judges can be removed from a case for reasons of bias by the attorneys in the case, under certain circumstances.

She got married, had two children, and stopped practicing law for several years during the 1980’s. Kobrin felt disenchanted by the legal profession, and has said that she did not want to practice law if she could not feel that her work was contributing to the improvement of humanity. She also has said that her interest in religious freedom and social reform was strengthened because her father was a refugee from Germany and her grandparents were killed by the Nazis.

In the mid-1980s, she started representing the Church of Scientology in Florida. In 1990, she moved to Los Angeles, and started working for Bowles & Moxon, a firm whose exclusive practice was Church of Scientology related legal work. She was then located at 6655 Sunset Blvd Suite 2000, Los Angeles, California 90028. Later, she became a named partner in Moxon & Kobrin, 6255 Sunset Blvd, Suite 200, Hollywood, California 90028, which continued the exclusive practice for the Church. During this time, she gained expertise in the practice area of intellectual property.

In 1995, Kobrin established her own practice. It is no small understatement that her work on behalf of her client has proven quite controversial.

Helena Kobrin has had several state and federal liens levied against her. On January 17, 1996, the State of California issued a tax lien (certificate number 95348000049) for the amount of $11,846, which was only released on December 30, 1998. A tax lien (certificate number W952343064) was issued on September 7, 1995 for $136 and released on January 18, 1996. On August 31, 1995, the Internal Revenue Service entered a federal tax lien (IRS Serial No. 959526113) of $50,052 against the Kobrins, which was released on June 12, 1996.

Helena’s husband, Michael David Kobrin, was born on May 4, 1947. His social security number is 093-40-5627. He worked as a Vice President for G & G Solar, Inc. doing business as G & G Inc., 13351 Riverside Drive #202, Sherman Oaks, California 91423. In addition, the State of California assigned him contractor number 0599201. G&G was licensed to do plumbing, fire protection contracting and general building contracting. However the California Contractors State License Board, Dept of Consumer Affairs revoked G&G’s license #458782 after expiration because the company had an outstanding unpaid judgment, needed a worker’s compensation insurance or an exemption, and also needed a contractor's bond. G&G had a bond for $7500, which was obtained on October 1, 1994, but the bond was cancelled on July 4, 1997.

G&G's state license had been issued on July 3, 1984, expired on July 31, 1998, and was not renewed. Because of the license revocation, G&G cannot reapply until after July 17, 2003.

Michael Kobrin has also been the president, secretary and treasurer of Third Millennium, Inc, a corporation incorporated and registered on June 6, 1996 in Nevada as corporation number 12496-1996. Third Millennium was located at 850 South Rancho Drive #2321, Las Vegas, NV 89106. Third Millenium gave as its purpose “all legal activities” and issued 25,000 shares of stock. Kobrin supplied his home address as 7629 Fulton Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605. Third Millenium filed its most recent report on September 10, 1996.

The Kobrins now own a home built in 1956 at 1842 Ransom Road, Glendale, California 91201-1251. The house has three bedrooms and three baths, with central air conditioning and 3096 square feet of space. The deed was recorded on November 25, 1998 as deed number 98-2162801 for parcel number 5618-027-011. The Kobrins obtained a 30-year purchase money mortgage for $346,400 from Capitol Commerce Marketing Co.

They bought the house from Donald F. Hasselbring, who bought out his wife Judith’s interest in the property on January 8, 1997. That deed was recorded on January 31, 1997. Donald Hasselbring also purchased the property from Sherman and Raym Itlaner, the previous inhabitants on December 27, 1996 for $409,500, who had lived there since they bought the house in June, 1973.

In 1995, the County had assessed the land at $33,708 and the house and improvements at $103,130, for a total assessed value of $136,838. In 1996, the total assessed value was $138,356. In 1997, the total assessed value was $141,122. In 1998, the assessed land value was $166,880 and the house and improved value was $259,163, and thus the total assessed value was $426,043.

From 1992 until 1998, the Kobrins owned a condomininum at 7749 Via Capri, Burbank, California 91504. The parcel number was 2401-046-038. This condo, built in 1976, was classified in the Sun Valley neighborhood despite the Burbank mailing address. The 1664-sq. foot condo had four bedrooms and three baths. A pool was available for their use.

They bought the condo on January 13, 1992 for $199,500, and recorded the sales deed on February 13, 1992. In 1985, the land was assessed at $48,100, the condo and land improvement value at $141,700, and the total assessed value at $189,800. In mid-1997, the condo property was reassessed by the county, but falling land values had taken their toll. The land value was upped to $50,000, but the condo and land improvement value had fallen to $100,000, and thus the total assessed value was $150,000.

The Kobrins sold the condo on December 28, 1998 for a sale price of $185,000. The transfer is recorded under document number 98-2362767. They sold the condo to Horace O. Scott and Tracy M. Halloran, who took out a 30-year loan of $148,000 from Novus Financial Corp.

Kendrick L. and Carla S. Moxon

Kendrick L. Moxon is an attorney for the Church of Scientology known for his interest in religious freedom issues. His social security number is 188-42-9888. His wife is Carla S. Moxon.

Moxon was an attorney with the firm Moxon & Bartilson, in Glendale, California.

The Moxons own a home at 1824 Verdugo Vista Drive, Glendale, California 91208. It was built in 1948, has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a total area of 2032 square feet. The house has a pool. They purchased the property for $264,500 on January 2, 1997 and recorded deed number 97-0009850 the next day. They got a mortgage for $211,600 and an additional loan amount of $39,675, for a total loan amount of $251,275. Their loan was a 30-year adjustable rate loan from the New Century Mortgage Corp. with an initial rate of 8.99%.

The Moxons took out a new mortgage on June 19, 1998. The deed is number 98-1039734, on parcel number 5652-010-007. They obtained a non-purchase money 30-year mortgage for $337,500 from BNC Mortgage Co. at an 8.99 adjustable rate.

In 1998, Los Angeles County assessed the land value at $176,972, and the improvements and the house at $98,213, for a total assessed value of $275,185. In comparison, in 1995, the County assessed the land at $28,162 and the house at $43,195, for a total assessed value of $71,357. In 1996, the total assessed value had increased a bit to $72,148, and in 1997, the total assessed value was set at $73,590.

The Moxon’s purchased the Verdugo Vista property from Howard and Marion G. Richardson, who now reside at 212 34th Street, Newport Beach, California 92663. Subsequently, the Richardson’s moved to Birch Tree Farm, 4821 Rural Road SW, Tumwater, Washington 98502. The Richardsons had purchased the property back in 1960.

Possibly as an indirect of their legal battles with the IRS, the Moxons have had a federal tax liens levied against them. The IRS entered a lien of $32,661 against the Moxons on May 3, 1996 under IRS Serial Number 959616453, which was released on May 20, 1998. On January 27, 1997, the IRS levied a lien against the Moxons of $31,725 under IRS Serial Number 959754933, which was released on July 21, 1998.

Kendrick is involved with a Los Vegas Corporation called “Day of the Child World Concert”, whose offices were noted as 4601 West Sahara, Suite L, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carla Moxon has been Coach of the High School Girl’s Basketball Team at the Delphi Academy High School since 1992. The Delphi Dragons’ zero and ten record in 1996-1997 was nothing to write home about.

Carla’s dad was Homer Grove Smith, a native of Washington, DC and a former deputy governor of the Farm Credit Administration of the United States Department of Agriculture, where he worked from 1932 until 1953. From 1953 until 1971 he served as President of the Central Bank for Cooperatives in Denver, Colorado. Homer Smith wrote two books, “The 13th Bank” and “A Challenge to U.S. Agriculture: Building the Cooperative Production Credit System”. After he retired, he worked briefly for the Agency for International Development (AID) in Bangladesh, helping to improve agricultural credit to small farmers. He also led a “People to People” agricultural tour to the Soviet Union and Europe.

Homer Smith, who lived in Chevy Case, Md., was a member of the Rotary Club of Washington, DC and founded a men’s Bible study group at the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda. he also served on the governing organization of elders at Warner Memorial Presbyterian in Kensington, Md. He died of cardiac arrest on November 11, 1993. Carla’s mother, Elsa Tavenner Smith, lived in Chevy Chase, Md.

Carla has two sisters, Linda Smith of Gambrills, Maryland, and Grega Kotler of Washington, DC, and one brother, Martin Smith of Seattle.

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