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This one's amusing to some degree. This Garry Scarff clown is an informant for the Scientology crime syndicate. (See the exposure of this clown at Scarff.) As such it's interesting to see an agent of the Scientology crime syndicate comments about the Los Angeles Police Department's distaste for the very crime syndicate Mr. Scarff passes information to.

Subject: Hollywood Police & Scientology
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 22:22:46 GMT

On Sun, 07 Jun 1998 22:00:18 -0700, you wrote:

There has always been some speculation of LAPD's "endorsement" or acceptance of the Scientology organization.

I posed that question to a 12-year LAPD officer who is a member of my HIV support group and in a one-word definitions: "criminals", "hoodlums" and "thieves". He noted that it's been his experience as a police officer and working in the Hollywood Division, that no amount of kiss-ass behavior or PR will undwindle the "hate" that the police have towards Scientology.

And since the Scientology organization loves to use the word "hate" to legitimize what they call "religious persecution" towards their pseudo-church, the "hate" that the LAPD has toward Scientology has nothing to do with the "religion" and everything to do with their "deception, hoodwinking victims out of money, preying on young people and Hispanics inducing them out of their money" and the allegations goes on and on.

In fact, the officer told me I would be "blown away" by the "massive" number of police reports that have written at the Hollywood Division involving some questionable, if not illegal actions, by Scientologists and/or staff members of the organization.

A new marketing tool perpetuated by the Los Angeles church in the Hollywood area is targeting divorcees, women in troubled marriages, battered wives, etc. for money.

The officer told me that numerous complaints have come from battered shelters and support units for the women in these situations complaining about Scientology's attempts to influence them.

From all that I heard tonight, Scientology attorney Elliot Abelson's assertion that Scientology is "loved by the LAPD" and that they have the LAPD in their "back pocket" is just another outright lie by a slum attorney who'll say anything to make a buck.

Garry Scarff

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