Wed 19 Aug 98 3:08

SA> The following web rings and sites will give insights into
SA> the pagan/wiccan death-cult concepts of Earth as Goddess
SA> (Gaia).
SA> Obviously, these death sites are maintained by "false pagan
SA> scum" and "false wiccan scum", who the real pagan
SA> scum and real wiccan[sic] scum in this echo jump to denounce, and
SA> to laugh at me for taking the false pagan/wiccan scum seriously
SA> (or something like that) :)

[cut, saved to disk for latter viewing--- dr]

Wiccan and Pagan worship includes death: who ever claimed otherwise?! Who has claimed Wiccans and Pagans deny the death aspect of our religions?

My Goddess is the "terrible mother" aspect of the Goddess known as Lilith. Lilith strangles infants at birth; she also blinds them, warps them, and causes them to be born deaf or mute. I acknowlege her and this aspect of her because to deny it is to deny a large portion of what it is to be human. Human life includes brutal, ugly death.

When I talk to Wiccans and Pagans about this, I find ready agreement among most that death must be acknowledged just as life is.

That acknowledgement does not mean Wiccans and Pagans dwell on the death aspect of Goddess and God. Acknowledging death makes the time we have to live all the more precious, and we acknowledge that death is inevitable. It's no big deal to die, if one has lived well. As I tell my coven, the only sorrow in death is regret for a life poorly lived.


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