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From stacy8@gte.net Sat Nov 07 20:02:19 1998
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Subject: Miscavige, your tactics aren't working
From: stacy8@gte.net (Stacy Brooks Young)
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 04:02:19 GMT

I was out of town for two weeks at the end of October, and while I was gone the staff at the cat sanctuary said the scientologists never came one time to picket. This past Tuesday evening when I arrived home from the airport there were six scientologists blocking the driveway of the sanctuary, screaming obscenities at me and lunging at the van in an extremely threatening way.

How did they know the precise moment when I would be arriving home?

This afternoon at 4:30 I made a trip to the hardware store and there were several pickets on the side of the road next to the sanctuary driveway. One of the picketers ran over to the van and thrust a flier at the window. The text of the flier follows.

Why are the Seattle OSA staff being ordered to picket the sanctuary again? Why are they being given fliers that are defamatory of Bob Minton, myself, Grady Ward, Arnie Lerma, Dennis Erlich, Keith Henson, the Cult Awareness Network and FACTNet?

Perhaps it is because of the devastating decision that was just handed down against scientology in the FACTNet case, a decision which spells D-E-A-T-H for scientology's copyrights.

Or perhaps it is because Bob has refused to "cut a deal" with the district attorney’s office in Massachusetts, despite massive pressure from scientology, and has instead demanded a fair trial so that the truth about his so-called "violent assault" can come out -- namely that there are independent witnesses who will testify that it was in fact the scientologists who assaulted him, not the other way around. Bob has informed the district attorney that he intends to put the entire scientology "fair game policy" on trial in the criminal court of Massachusetts.

Or could it be that certain investigations into other criminal activities on the part of the scientology leadership and key attornies and private investigators are getting too close for Miscavige’s comfort? Perhaps he is hoping to frighten me by letting me know his people are right outside my door, and that somehow I will persuade Bob and others to back off.

Miscavige's pattern has always been to perceive me as a weak link, I suppose because I am a woman and Miscavige is well known for his utter contempt of women. His modus operandi has been to wait until I was alone and then do everything possible to make me feel that I am in danger.

Once while Vaughn was out of town they broke into our house while I was out for the afternoon and rearranged all the furniture, just to let me know they had been there. Another time they broke into our van and placed a bouquet of lilies on the driver's seat. Last February, while Vaughn was testifying about scientology in Germany, they kidnapped our beloved dog Mac and nearly beat him to death.

I am aware of many reasons why Miscavige is feeling cornered at the moment -- more cornered than he has ever been before. Some of these reasons are broadly known, and some of the reasons are known only to Miscavige and a very few others. I also know that he is extremely frustrated that nothing he has ordered done has had the slightest deterrent effect on me, Bob, Jesse, Lawrence, or several others who have been working closely with us on a number of different fronts. So I am fully expecting him to order his thugs to increase the pressure.

But here is a message for Miscavige: The more you try to intimidate me, the more determined I will become to expose you for what you really are. You are evil, Miscavige, and I won't stop until your evil has been exposed and you have been rendered powerless to hurt another soul.

So go ahead. Send your thugs to frighten me. All you're doing is strengthening my commitment to fight you.

Here is the text of the flier they were handing out to the population of Vashon Island. What is it about Bob Minton that makes them feel they need to attack him even on Vashon Island?



- Insane hate-mongeting cultist rant deleted by Fredric Rice.

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