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Roland Rashleigh-Berry


Message to the Co$

I've played the fool on the a.r.s. newsgroup too long. Maybe it served some purpose, distracting people from my serious purpose in exposing the harm that Scientology does to people. Maybe my locker-room ranting should come to an end and I should declare my true purpose behind my actions.

I used to be a member of your Scientology *cult*, and I use the word *cult* fully knowing its implications. In my experience, it is a *cult* that exploits peoples weaknesses (detected through unfair "personality tests" and the betrayal of personal secrets that the person is persuaded to reveal through deceit and trickery) in order to mentally and emotionally enslave these people while at the same time gaining control of their finances to the point of that person's detriment. They lose their mind, their soul and their life to this evil scam called "Scientology". Its sole purpose is to extract money from people, as per its declared policy. It intends to give nothing in return, except lies as to a better future.

I have carefully observed the way your *cult* uses the law of copyright to withhold vital information from the public. If the public were aware of the information that you keep secret through the misuse of copyright laws then your *cult* would cease to exist. Copyright laws, like any other laws, are intended as an embodiment of the principles of Justice and Truth for the betterment of society. Through their application then Justice is presumed to be served. And yet, what I have noticed from the behaviour of your *cult*, is that you are using copyright laws to ensure the secrecy of materials that are intended to deceive and harm the public. That you seek to profit from copyright laws so as to obscure the true nature of Scientology for long enough to weaken the critical capabilities of your own recruits so as to gain control of their lives and their fortunes.

Copyright laws were never intended to support the evil and corrupt purposes that you have set your task to. The laws of the land are not there to serve criminals who seek to profit from deception and mental coercion.

I would like the public at large to know the nonsense that is "Scientology" before they get sucked in to this gigantic scam. I would like them to review information about this so called "Church" while they still have the critical faculties to do so, before being robbed of those faculties by the evil techniques of your "Church".

I note that many people do not believe the extracts of materials posted by critics of your "Church", the argument being that the critics have "made it all up". Again you are using the law (in this case "fair use") to obscure the truth. What the law allows through fairness you describe as "quoting out of context" so as to use the principles of Justice to obscure the truth.

The only way your wicked material can be believed is, in many cases, to quote it in full such that your evil lawyers demand such material be removed through official channels and thus authenticate its madness.

I have used this principle to expose your wickedness in the past and will continue to do the same.

I feel I have a compelling public duty to expose the evils of Scientology to the public by making known to them the full insanity of the *cult* that seeks to enslave people and destroy their lives. And in so doing I am fully confident that I am acting in accord with the principles of Justice and fairness that is the driving force behind any letter of the law.

If I post any "copyrighted" examples of your *cult* literature to the WWW or any other body then you are advised of the above stated reasons for my doing so.

Roland Rashleigh-Berry

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