Scientology Crime Syndicate

From: teeth@bigbytes.com (Dobe R Mann)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: New scripture by Hubbard -- Found
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 15:57:05 GMT
Organization: Rabies

Hello Clams,

Now that I have your attention. Here's what you have been waiting for:







Just to let you know your lot in life (Working To Clear The World):

Today, Saturday, I was able to rest until 9:00 AM. Then I fixed a wonderful breakfast for my family. (Do you remember your family or have you Disconnected -- isn't it funny how each and every one of you has had to Disconnect from some member of your family?)

Obviously, I moved on to ARS to watch today's war. I'll read the group, compose this missive, then enjoy the rest of the day in total relaxation.

What will your day be like? Were you up at 0500? Were your first thoughts about your 'stats'? Does your breakfast contain the words "works fast to relieve acid pain"? (Gee ... what ~does~ Jessie Prince know about your Napoleon Complex poodle-boy Master.)

Great idea for you -- on the lawn-orniment's next birthday get him a copy of Randy Newman's Short People -- he'll love you for it!

Anyway ... after your Maalox and coffee, how many DA's do you HAVE to write today? 10, 20? How ~do~ you explain that you are handling ARS? Is it a daily case of "shit-rolls-down-hill" -- and you are ~always~ looking up?

How many other hats do you wear? How many of your stats will be gun-decked? (Gee ... what ~does~ Jessie Prince know about your Napoleon Complex poodle-boy Master.) Do you have a lot of tech that needs to be studied?

Just can't seem to find the time (or the MONEY -- "Geez, where am I going to get the money for the next OT level?") to get everything done?

Remember -- you HAVE to clear the whole planet. Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to -- just once on a Saturday -- stop and take a nap? But noooo ... you have to CLEAR THE WORLD and you can't stop now. (So, how does spouting garbage on the internet, attacking critics and ex-members, work toward clearing the world? Is it because the choich isn't in charge yet -- and we can't be shot?)

How many meetings do you have to attend today? What time will you get to sleep? 0000, 0100, 0200? What's on for tomorrows schedule? Wait, I know -- More of the Same. Same things you did yesterday. Same things you did last week. Same things you did last month and last year.

But don't despair (Gee ... what ~does~ Jessie Prince know about your Napoleon Complex poodle-boy Master.) Soon it will all be over. You will be able to relax, like me and the rest of us wogs, on a Saturday (Sunday too). You know it's coming.

You can tell by the way your Master's have been just so-irratable-as-shit lately. The pace is not lessening, no matter what they tell you about 'Big Wins' over: FACTnet, Jessie Prince, et al.

Soon you will be able to rest and do what YOU want to do on a Saturday. (Or a Tuesday, ~any~ day for that matter.) You can feel their fear. It's palatable, like a thick fog that everyone walks through but pretends isn't there. You keep doing your assignments but it just isn't enough for them. They want more, and more, and more ......

Soon you will be able to rest and do what you want to do. Sleep in late. Lay in a hammock, read a book (A Piece of the Blue Sky will be a good start) and drink a ~cold~ beer. You could drive back home and go see you Mom and Dad or whoever you had to Disconnect from. They will forgive you -- they still love you. Tell them everything -- go ahead and cry.

Soon you will be able to rest, to do what ~you~ want to do.


Dobe R Mann

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