This is another good exposure of what these "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" people are all about. According to the quote here, one of the head ringleaders issued an economic threat against the City of Baldwin Park, pledging to abuse one million dollars simply because the City wouldn't bow under to his terrorist demands.

This article from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune speaks volumes about what these people are all about.

In contract, the real American citizens of the community who turned out to oppose racism were well behaved, polite, adheared to the rules that the City of Baldwin Park laid down, and aside from some people walking along the railroad bed, everyone behaved themselves.


Article Published: Monday, June 20, 2005 - 8:59:16 PM PST

Rival groups plan to protest

By Robert Iafolla, Correspondent and Karen Rubin, Staff Writer

BALDWIN PARK -- Two groups are now planning to protest at the Baldwin Park Metrolink station Saturday, even though only one has filed for the permit required by a new city ordinance.

The leader of the anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State remained defiant about protesting the monument at the station, even though the group does not have a permit.

"I would love for them to arrest me,' SOS Executive Director Joseph Turner said Monday. "I am looking to inflict all the pain I can on Baldwin Park.'

The police would not comment on what tactics they would use to handle the crowds, but said arrests will be made if fighting occurs or any laws are broken.

Police officials said they cannot prevent SOS members from demonstrating, despite the new city ordinance.

Even though Turner did not apply for a permit on time, his group has a right to peaceably assemble, said Baldwin Park police Sgt. Dave Reynoso.

City Councilman David Olivas agreed.

"In the end, the ordinance may not help us much,' he said.

Last week, the Baldwin Park City Council instituted the permit requirement because a May 14 protest at the station staged by SOS resulted in violence, when a protester was hit in the head with a water bottle. Police in riot gear had to keep the crowd apart.

Mayor Manuel Lozano said the city spent nearly $100,000 in extra costs for law enforcement for the May 14 protest.

A group opposing SOS filed for a permit to protest Saturday.

The Committee to Defend Danzas Indigenas indicated it will bring out 500 people and 275 vehicles, according to the permit application.

The committee plans to erect a stage with a public- address system along Ramona Boulevard and Downing Avenue. In addition, it expects to have 125 volunteers to assist with crowd control and work a water and first- aid station.

Dianne Giron, the group's organizer, could not be reached for comment.

As of Monday, the group's permit had not been approved because the Baldwin Park Police Department and the city's interim CEO Sid Mouzavi have not yet reviewed the permit application, city officials said.

On the other hand, Turner said he did not have enough time to file a permit because he learned of the new ordinance Thursday night and Baldwin Park's City Hall is closed on Fridays.

Turner would not comment on how many SOS protesters will turn out at Saturday's demonstration. Some groups like The Minuteman Project could be on hand, but Turner said he never knows who is going to show up until the day of the protest.

Save Our State objects to two quotes written on the Danzas Indigenas monument that it calls seditious: "It was better before they came," and "This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is and will be again."

According to Judy Baca, the artist who designed the monument, the quote "It was better before they came' was said by a white person about Mexican immigrants.

"Their protest has nothing to do with the monument,' Baca said. "It's about getting publicity to beget an anti-immigrant sentiment."

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