On May 14, 2005, about 30 bigots came into Baldwin Park, California to spread their ideologies of hatred and bigotry. Under the rhetoric of "opposing racism" and "opposing sedition" and other outrageous claims, these racists -- all of which appeared to be white, of course -- demanded the removal of a monument situated at the Baldwin Park Metrolink rail transit station.

The monument contains quotes taken from citizens some 13 years ago, among one of which states "It was better before they came here" -- a comment uttered over a decade ago by a white citizens, something that doesn't get reported by the right-wing media. Also not mentioned by the right-wing media is the other quotes carved into the monument which advocate thinking and racial harmony. Very seditious stuff, huh?

Apparently a bunch of racists discovered the monument and decided to use one or two quotes out of context as a rhetorical tool to advance their ideologies of hatred and bigotry as well as to vent their understandable frustration at the illegal alien problem, something that everyone -- of all racial makeup -- agree is a problem.

Under the guise of opposing racism, these racists felt they could come into town and get followers to join them in their disgusting ideologies.

It didn't work: Despite the fact that at least two radio stations were trying to whip up their listeners to show up and support the racists, it looks like only about 30 showed up. Certainly the talk radio hosts who were advocating this didn't bother to show up themselves (it's these same types of people who advocate illegal wars and then either dodge the draft or otherwise refuse to sign up for the wars they advocate.)

In response, the citizens of Baldwin Park and surrounding communities rallied against the racist bigots, exceeding at least 2300 citizens strong, consisting of a broad spectrum of racial diversity in their opposition to everything these outside clowns stood for.

If you don't oppose racism and bigotry, it grows.

The right-wing extremist newspaper the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, of course, claimed that only about 200 pro-free speech / anti-racism citizens showed up to oppose the "few dozen" racists. The SGVT also claimed that "hundreds" of police officers were present.

Not so, the SGVT either lied else they didn't bother to send a reporter to cover the rally. There were about 30 racists, about 2300 good guys, and maybe 40 or 50 police officers keeping us all safe.

Here's the SGVT's outrageous claims:


What follows are photographs of the event, taken by Fredric L. Rice. I biked 8 miles to participate in opposing the typically Republican racism, hatred, bigotry, and denial of other people's freedom of speech rights.

If you're a racist, please be sure to send me some Email letting me know what you think of the good guys smacking you bastards down hard, okay? Thanks.

Incidentally, this web page contains my opinions and only my opinions. Without a doubt I could be mistaken or inaccurate in some observations. If you don't think these opinions are accurate or factual, or if you rightardedly think these opinions are some how defamation or constitute libel of slander, feel free to write to me and "correct" my "sadly mistaken" impression. (And try to do it using a spelling checker and with as little insane Republican hate spew as possible, okay?) Thanks. I would be happy to include your insane complaints on this web page.


ar1005.jpg -- To start out, here's a picture of one of the brass plates that are on the monument. It's a wonder none of the "Save our State" racists complained about anything (to my knowledge) on the brass plates. I suspect it's because the average IQ of the typical racist is often far below the population's average and maybe none of them could read it very well. I get the impression that beer cans constitutes the height of reading literature among these types.

ar1006.jpg -- Here's another brass plate mounted on the monument.

ar1007.jpg -- The front of the monument as it faces the main street. As you can see, the monument consists of an arch which has Native American and some early Mexican art. Inscribed on the monument are quotes taken from the community some 13 years ago. The racists seized upon two of the quotes to try to pin their hatred and bigotry on, utterly ignoring the remaining quotes, and apparently not even knowing -- or caring -- that one of the quotes, "It was better before they came" is allegedly a quote from a white citizen of the community some 13 years ago. But then racist hate mongers don't usually care about the facts, do they?

ar1009.jpg -- Here's another brass plate showing the date the rail station was officially dedicated. The rail station is part of the Southern California Metrolink rail system, the rails of which are used primarily for human transport yet at rare times has been used for cargo transport.

ar1011.jpg -- Here's a seditious quote that should have all right-tinking Americans up in arms, huh? How dare anyone suggest that people should think before making decisions?! According to any historic fascist State you could care to mention, the State should do all the thinking for the lowly proletariat who are in any event incapable of thinking rightly for themselves. Of course non-Bush Republicans recognize thinking and questioning as what true Patriotism is all about. Only fascists would find this quote "seditious."

ar1012.jpg -- "The kind of community that people dream of. Rich and poor. Brown, yellow, red, white. Living together." That's more "racist sedition," according to the "Save our State" racists, apparently. I wonder what it is exactly about this quote that they don't like. Equality seems to be an unamerican ideal to these people, maybe.

ar1014.jpg -- And here's one of the quotes offered by a citizen of the community some 13 years ago. How horrible that we live in a Democracy where the Constitution dictates that the people have freedom of speech! It seems that hate mongers don't like our rights, liberties, and freedoms and yet for some curious reason they've not left for some other country where the nation's ideals better meet with theirs; like, say, Iran or Saudi Arabia.

ar1016.jpg -- "If this place was good enough for me to grow up in, then it is good enough for my children." This is another quote carved into the monument that the "Save our State" hate mongers apparently find so "seditious" and "racist." And of course the right-wing controlled media in the United States "forgets" to mention the fact that these other quotes are carved on the monument.

ar1022.jpg -- Here's a look at the monument from across the street before the good guys started showing up. The good guys were allowed to stage and hold their anti-race hatred / pro freedom of speech rally right next to the monument while the racists were relegated to the far end of the rail station's parking lot. This was reasonable since only about 30 racists showed up while over 2300 members of the community and surrounding communities showed up to counter the hatred and bigotry and the attempt to deny others freedom of speech.

ar1023.jpg -- And another closer look this time: Freedom of speech behind the barricade. This is before the counter protesters (the good guys) started showing up. That's my bicycle on the left; I biked 8 miles to participate in the free speech / anti-racism counter rally.

ar1029.jpg -- After the counter rally started to get under way, there was Native American and Mexican dancing, drumming, singing, and fun. As you can see, the racial mix of participants included the broad spectrum of the community, and I'm very happy to have seen that a great many men and women with white faces like mine showed up to also oppose the "Save our State" racists.

ar1030.jpg -- The Mayor of Baldwin Park offered a brief speech about equality, racial harmony, and freedom of speech. He also denounced hatred and bigotry and demanded that the people of Baldwin Park won't be dictated to by people (to use the term losely) who come in from out of town to stir up racial strife. He declared that freedom of speech demands freedom of art and that the monument will still be standing for our children and their children to appreciate. He also said he wouldn't name anyone specifically by name -- because he didn't have to.

ar1031.jpg -- Some more "Traditional Mexican" dancing, complete with smoke pots and traditional dress. I have to wonder what the few pro-racism individuals who slipped in among us to observe the rally thought of such "heathen," non-Christianized dancing.

ar1032.jpg -- And some more of the same. There were, unfortunately, a number of Socialist groups represented there handing out literature which I didn't like one bit. Absolutely I fully support their right to be there, but the message was one of defending freedom of speech, defending art, and opposing racism, hatred, and bigotry. The Socialists advocated equality and free speech, absolutely, but I thought it a bit unseemly to turn the rally into a political arena. That kind of behavior, it seems to me, is more typical of the fascist extremist Republican right. Your views will be different.

ar1033.jpg -- More of the same.

ar1035.jpg -- And while the first set of brief speeches was coming to a close, here we have a look at the number of people on this side of the monument. Many more were standing behind me and are out of camera, and many more were in the street on my right.

ar1036.jpg -- The television media was there with two microwave vans. From what I hear, they were a little hard pressed to find pro-racist individuals to interview though I believe that at least one of the "Save our State" bigots agreed to open his yap for the public record.

ar1037.jpg -- A pan to the right a bit. One of the right-wing extremist newspapers San Gabriel Valley Tribune claimed that there were hundreds of police there and only 200 good guys. In actual fact there were about 30 racists, about 40 or 50 cops, and around 2300 good guys.

ar1038.jpg -- Here's a look down the street -- which the police closed. In the far distance there might be visible a few racists standing on the sidewalk along the far street.

ar1039.jpg -- As is typical, there's always a fascist State videotaping the good guys, whether they're advocating free speech, racial equality, racial harmony, civil rights, Constitutional rights, or anything else that's positive. There's always fascists that think those who advocate American ideals need to be videotaped and watched -- since American Ideals are apparently "seditious" and "racist."

ar1044.jpg -- Protest signs. I don't know who the guy is in the protest sign equating vigilanties with terrorists yet I assume it's supposed to be one of the "Save our State" bigots.

ar1045.jpg -- Exactly who is the illegal alien? Good question. If racists want to stop illegal alien invasions, they can bloody well start by returning home to England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and every place else Americans have come from -- all of whom displaced the Native American Indians who were and are the rightful owner of most of North America.

ar1046.jpg -- After a series of short speeches, it was decided we would take a walk to confront the 30 or so facists at the far end of the parking lot. 30 against 2300 seemed a bit unfair but the police made sure that the 30 morons didn't do anything stupid. Here is the start of the walk toward the far end of the parking lot. I suspect that the clowns did their best to ignore us and otherwise try to pretend we weren't there and that they weren't vastly out numbered.

ar1047.jpg -- Confronting the racists by taking a walk toward them -- seporated by the police, of course. The walk was more than just symbolic. It showed all fascist racists within view of the news report that the people of Baldwin Park and surrounding communities aren't afraid of them and that there's a level of unity ready to oppose everything the racists stand for.

ar1048.jpg -- More of the same.

ar1049.jpg -- More of the same. I attempted to get some photographs of the traditional Mexican and Native American dress being worn during this anti-hate rally.

ar1050.jpg -- More of the same.

ar1051.jpg -- And more of the same. Apparently I was the only one on a bicycle. Most of the community walked in or came by motorized vehicle.

ar1052.jpg -- Leave our monument alone -- and while you're at it, take your hatred and bigotry with you and leave.

ar1053.jpg -- There was lots of Spanish-speaking (or I should say "Mexican speaking" since there's a lot of difference) citizens participating in the rally. Most of the counter protest signs we carried were written in English however quite a few were in Spanish. (My sign that I carried read, "Diversity is our culture." Which it is.)

ar1054.jpg -- And more of the same. We're still all walking toward the 30 or so racists, taking our time. There were only a few activists who stayed near the monument. Nearly all walked to confront the racists.

ar1055.jpg -- And still more of the same. Soon just about everyone will finally gather at the next barricade, beyond which are about 15 or so police officers, and beyond that about 30 or so racists.

ar1056.jpg -- More of the same -- with a bullhorn chanting pro-equality and pro-racial harmony slogans, mostly.

ar1057.jpg -- Stop terrorizing immigrants. All of the people I talked with were against illegal aliens coming into the United States. What the citizens were against is the denial of free speech, the demonization of Mexicans, and the racial bigotry expressed by hate mongers under the guise of opposing illegal aliens. Everyone I talked with opposed illegal aliens flooding into California. But they also oppose racist hatred and bigotry and also defend freedom of speech.

ar1058.jpg -- We're at the end of the permitted walk, with a wide open area to keep the bad guys seporated from the good guys. There's a line of police officers who behaved themselves. Behind them on the sidewalk along the street are the 30 or so racists. A building on the right some 50 feet from the racists is the school auditorium I used to go to when I was very young. I was born in Baldwin Park and lived there until the illegal Mexican crime got so bad my family left. A lot has changed and a great deal of money has gone into the city and housing prices are typically $300,000 for a two or three bedroom house.

ar1059.jpg -- Still more rally participants coming late to the end of the walk. I tried to take to the high ground so I could get photographs of the whole rally to see if I could get a firmer number of participants. However there was no high ground. When I attempted to stand on a rock along the rails, a police officer pointed and suggested I stand some place safer.

ar1060.jpg -- Some more traditional Mexican dress.

ar1061.jpg -- Now we get a look at the bad guys. The people on the far side of the street up against the food market are not with the racists; they're either taunting them or actively holding anti-racism signs. That's all of them. A pretty pathetic showing for a bunch of racists who had at least two radio stations spewing hatred trying to get other racists to show up to support their bigotry.

ar1062.jpg -- "Hello. I voted for George W. Bush." It's written all over this cracker's face, in my opinion. After photographing the good guys, I decided I would take a look to see what the racial rainbow among the seemingly pro-hatred crowd might be so I took a set of photographs from one end of their line to the other. This is the first in that series. It's not quite an Adolf Hitler Nazi mustache, but it's a start, seems to me. Maybe I'm being unkind and inaccurate, but that was my impression when I snapped this photograph.

ar1063.jpg -- After it became apparent that I was taking their photographs, most of the racists turned away in shame, it looked to me. Something made them camera shy and if it wasn't shame at what they were advocating, I can't imagine what it was.

Stay with me, now, as I search among their numbers for a Negro, Asian, Mexican, or Native American Indian...

ar1064.jpg -- One of the things I noticed when comparing the good guys against this series of photographs is how much fun the good guys have and how grim and unfun the bad guys are having.

Then again they are out numbered 50 to one but you would think there would be at least one smile among them. While the good guys were bright, happy, dacing, singing and having fun, these "Save our State" clowns looked to me like they wanted to be anywhere but here.

ar1065.jpg -- And some more of the same. Many of the racists didn't notice me coming until it was too late to hide. I'm still looking for my first non-white face! <grin> (Other than my own, I mean.)

ar1066.jpg -- More of the same. Few would look at me taking their photograph for some reason. Pay no attention to the guy who's going to splash your photograph all over the Internet for the world to see what it is you stand for.

ar1067.jpg -- And yet more of the same. I get the feeling the only non-white hue skin I'm going to see among this crowd is later when they start to get a bit sunburned. Toward the end of the sidewalk the anti-racism activists start to spill and mix into the bad guys a bit but they mostly keep apart. You can see some of them in the parking lot of the food store in the far background.

ar1068.jpg -- <heh> A lot of Georgia Crackers, was my unkind impression. I saw no Negros, no Mexicans, no Asians, no Native Americans -- no Italians, Irish, or a whole swatting lot of missing diversity among these gits, in fact. Among the pro-equality / pro freedom of speech side of the fence, however, I was happy to see we had good diversity -- of opinion as well as skin tone. Capitalist running dog pigs, such as myself, mixed freely with Socialists and Anarchists. As we all got along together, no problem, because we celebrate diversity.

ar1069.jpg -- More fat Georgia Crackers? Well, I have zero problems with fat, it's the unsalted Cracker I don't much care for. Speaking of differences of opinion among the good guys, I was asked if I would like to read a Socialist flyer and I laughed and said I would just so long as my fellow Capitalist friends didn't see me doing it. The response was, "Ah, join the club."

ar1070.jpg -- I have to laugh. Whether it's fair or not, some of these guys reminded me of the type that holes up in two-room cabins in the far woods with a thousand firearms and half a million rounds of ammunition waiting for "the nigra to make his move" and there's just something about this particular photograph that caused me to smile while I was taking it.

For some reason I had to wonder how often this guy comes out into natural sunlight, taking a break from writing his Manifesto.

There's just something about this photograph that strikes me as both telling and amusing. Perhaps I'm being totally unfair, but that's the impression I got while walking down this line. Maybe some of these people are normal and nice when not engaged in race hatred.

ar1071.jpg -- I pretty much had my fill of the bad guys so I thought I'd try to get a photograph of the whole of the anti-racism group together in one picture. That wasn't easy.

I'm standing to the right of the small group of racists, looking back toward the monument while the good guys are still gathered along the far barricade. As you see in the bad guy series, they tried to ignore the pro-equality / pro-free speech rally activsits gathered in such large numbers about 100 feet behind them. Pretend they don't exist and they can pretend the majority of Americans who also don't like racist bigots also don't exist.

ar1072.jpg -- Another attempt to get everyone in the rally in a single picture. It's not possible without stepping back and losing the ability to tell that it's people in the photograph. I thought about climbing a tree but I didn't want another police officer to ask be politely to climb down.

ar1073.jpg -- A pan to the left a bit across no-man's land. The cops were probably happy to note that the fascists did their best to ignore the good guys and that the good guys were quite happy to stay on their side of the ribbon. Everybody behaved.

ar1074.jpg -- And a pan to the left even more.

ar1075.jpg -- Since it was getting hot and I had an 8 mile up-hill bicycle ride to look forward to, this was the last photograph of the event, this one of the racists with a number of news reporters and anti-racism activists mixed in among them. Larger numbers of anti-racist / pro-speech activists gathered in the parking lot of the food store, from what I was told later, and everybody behaved themselves.

In all it was a good day for America, for freedom of speech, and for racial equality and harmony. The bad guys, of course, without a doubt saw things a bit differently, starting with the depressing number of fellow racists who decided it would be best not to be seen in public, knowing the actual community would turn out in large numbers to oppose them and everything they stand for, in my opinion.

I'm very proud to have participated in another pro-freedom of speech, anti-racist bigotry rally. As I mentioned, I dislike illegal aliens and the consequences of the virtual invasion from Mexico as much as anybody else. But I dislike racist bastards and Republican fascism even more. I also dislike clowns trying to dictate what speech they will allow and what speech they presume to have the right to deny others.


This morning (May 17) the San Gabriel Valley Tribune lied again, claiming only 300 anti-racist activists showed up to rally against the "Save our State" hate mongers. This web site shows otherwise.

The hate mongers also claimed that American flags were being thrown to the ground, were being steped on, and the good guys were yelling profanities at the fascist hate mongers. Typical rightard Christofascist lies. Had _any_ of that happened, the television news that was there would have covered it in detail and it would have been splashed all over nation-wide television.

The hate mongers said they're not going to give up trying to spread their often-Christian hatred and bigotry in Baldwin Park.

What's disturbing is the claim that one of the hate mongers was hit in the head with a thrown bottle, something that I suspect was done by one of the hate mongers themselves.

Fortunately the police claim to have a video tape of the incident so whoever was responsible may hopefully be arrested -- and exposed.


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