Update: The police claim they reviewed video tape of the assault and have allegedly released this suspect without criminal charges, trying to claim that the video shows the peaceful anti-hate protesters surrounding and pounding on the suspect's vehicle. That's highly doubtful and hopefully the good guys will sue and subpoena copies of that alleged video. Were such claims even remotely true, attempted murder should still have been an indictment, in my opinion.

This is what these people are all about. While hundreds of anti-racism peaceful protesters were in Garden Grove picketing, protesting, and demonstrating against the racist bigots and everything they stand for, one of them -- a known True American Hero by the name of Hal Netkin -- ran over anywhere from 2 to 5 of the peaceful American patriots exercising their Constitutional rights.

As these "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" (or whatever they're calling themselves this time around) continue to spew their racist hatred and bigotry, it becomes ever more violent and we wind up with five attempted murders -- which the white Republican police, of course, reduced to assault with a deadly weapon.

Here's the truth about these racists, evidenced by their own actions:

- Hal Netkin Identified as Driver of Minivan that struct Minutman Protesters
- The racists own web sites call this guy a "True American Hero"
- Minutemen supporter's victims lay bleeding
- Eye witness report from seen of vicious racist assault
- Detailed eye witness report of Minuteman supporter's assault
- Police take 45 minutes to arrest Minuteman supporter
- No surprise, Hal Netkin is the guy arrested for the vehicular assault
- Was another "Minuteman" arrested for throwing bricks?

As the violence and hate spew from these racist groups continue, count on more attempted murders and other assaults against peaceful anti-racism protesters to continue.


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