In yet another assault against Justice, the "Minuteman" / "Save Our State" racists supporter Hal Netkin who ran through a crowd of peaceful anti-race hate protesters in Garden Grove, California, was release by the police, apparently without even minimal assault charges being filed against him.

You know damn well as much as I do that had this driver not had pink skin and had he driven through a crowd of whites, he would even now be sitting in a jail cell awaiting the posting of bail, up on multiple counts of either vehicular attempt to murder, or assault with a deadly weapon -- with maybe hate crimes thrown in for good measure.

So now this Hal Netkin True American Hero is back out on the streets, out where brown-skinned children walk to and from school, all apparently -- from what I've read so far -- all without so much as a slap on the wrist.

The police claim they reviewed video footage of his assault with a deadly weapon, concluded that since there were anti-race hate protesters surrounding his vehicle and some of them were pounding on it, his attempt to run the peaceful protesters over was perfectly okay by them. He passed the skin hue test so they found a lame, illegal excuse to let him back out among the rest of us.

Pounding on someone's van isn't a crime punishable by death, not even when their skin hue is brown. There were police all over the place keeping the peaceful protest peaceful and -- as in the capture of wanted war criminal Tommy Franks by a bunch of parents in Southern California some months ago -- the police officers of Garden Grove could have opened up a cooridore for the racist to drive through peaceful, with safety, in a civilized manor the way it's supposed to be done here in the United States.

Note: The capture of wanted war criminal Tommy Franks by the parents of a school in California was in response to the school their children go to allowing the war criminal access to their children on campus. When the parents found out about it (the school, of course, didn't tell anybody before hand they were allowing the wanted war criminal to speak to their children) the parents flocked to the school and captured the wanted war criminal as he tried to leave, surrounding his vehicle and even climbing on top of it.

The police kept the peace politely and professionally in that case and opened a cooridore for the wanted war criminal to escape, just as it's done in a civilized society.

The difference? Guess what skin hue the police were in Garden Grove as opposed to those in the other mostly-Mexican community.

Now I have to wonder whether this latest assault against the laws of the United States - admittedly under the fascist thumb of the Bush regime which inflicted "USA PATRIOT Act" against the citizens of this great country -- will further embolden the white supremists, hate mongers, Klu Klux Klan, Aryan Nations et al. groups and individuals out there.

Will it be open season on anyone who "looks Mexican?" Is it already?

These are all my opinions, of course, and I could be wrong however I fully expect to see this level of violent race hate soar, peaking and then declining once the fascist Republinazis are removed from the White House when some measure of sanity will be restored.


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