<heh> Here's a bizarre inbound email to The Dark Wind Project that is pretty typical of what I get from right-wing kooks almost on a daily basis. There's zero indication as to what the sad individual is complaining about, and zero indication as to what its "lunatic fringe of perhaps 10 to 12%" is. Often there's no telling what a right-wing kook's damage is since they post bizarre and disjointed rants and forget to note what it was that set them off.

And the rightard notion that anyone his intellectual and moral superior has to be a Socialist or a Communist? Well, nobody has ever accused rightards of having high IQs, after all.

What's disturbing is that this rightard claims it reproduced. Can you imagine having that as a father? And amusingly, Google Groups turns up postings about him. It wouldn't surprise me if he supports and defends Bush's war crime atrocities against humanity in Iraq, too. His submission to Dark Wind certainly smells like it.

To: sandyd@linkline.comREMOVE
From: Robert Brandtjen <robert@mystpaul.net>
Subject: hate protesters?
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 15:44:18 -0500

Your "reporting" is a stretch, even for a social-communist such as yourself- the new-speak and outright lies abound. Your photographs cannot even back up your words.

My god are you ever an insane individual. The Native Americans of North AMerica are not the same peoples as the Meso-Americans of Mexico. Not only that, but the NA indians kiled them whenever they crossed the river or Arizona border and attempted to come North. All indian tribes hated the Aztecs, etc because of their bloodthirsty, cannibalistic ways- this is documented fact, moron. My 12 year old daughter knows more about North and South America then you do.

Thank-god people like you represent a tiny minority of this country, be it a vocal one, the majority still laughs at you people in the same way they did your older siblings or parents in the 60's and 70's- you're a lunatic fringe of perhaps 10 to 12%.



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