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Subject: David Mayo Told the Truth in 1986 (slightly revised)
From: Ishmael
Date: 6 Oct 1998 10:15:04 -0700

Oct. 6, 1998 I corrected a typo and I have added some additional comments (in brackets).

This is my transcription of the first 12 minutes of Mayo's talk to the German FreiZone in 1986. I found the link to the RealAudio file tucked away on Arnie Lerma's site.

I encourage all ex-scientologists to at least read the first 12 minutes. Mayo's honesty is refreshing and might explain some things for you. Of course the CSI apologists and OSA-drones will remind you that David Mayo is a declared SP. The irony is that if CSI had followed Mayo's advice they probably wouldn't be in the depth of trouble that they're in today. And so it goes.


From: http://www.lermanet.com/mayo1.ra


In a sense we could say that the things the we have desired to achieve as an ideal scene are OT powers or becoming godlike. Over the years people have been advised or have expected this to occur at different places [on the Bridge]. Invariably it's always been a little further out. When I started my involvement in dianetics and scientology that was the main state that people looked up to, were working toward, and that's what their attention was on as a goal.

At the time, Clear was described as it's described in "Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health". Paraphrasing the chapter in the book: it was somebody without any aberations, no psychosis, no neurosis, no psychosomatic illnesses, etc. And for better or for worse as the years went by the definition or the description of Clear was reduced down to lesser abilities. In time the things that people expected earlier on from [the state of] Clear and the other OT powers moved further and further on out. Around 1978 and onward, particularly in 1979, we started hearing about Dianetic Clear particularly and also Past Life Clear and Natural Clear.

[There was] a considerable amount of concern and sometimes upset and at least many many considerations from people about the fact that the definition was changing again. Now those are things that have happened. What I'm going to tell you next is not facts [sic] that have occurred but is going to be my opinions [sic] about it which you can take or leave or whatever you wish.

A very common question that's been asked of me over the last few years has been to the effect of when are people going to achieve OT powers. By that, the person asking usually meant telepathy, being able to levitate, being able to move MEST or be cause over MEST; perhaps being able to influence people at a distance. These are things that are sometimes called ESP or extra sensory perception. But it's that type of ability that people have commonly referred to as OT powers.

That may not be a popular thing to say but I happen to think it's going to take something like that long. I'll also be pleasantly surprised to find out that it took less time.

[In the two sentences above I believe Mayo is saying that the state of OT will not be recognized as valid until ESP, levitation and the other powers he mentions are commonplace. He also implys that he believes those powers are obtainable through scientology processing.]

I also feel though that it took however long it took for us to get to where we are today it's not so long to get back out of it. It took us as long as it did to get down to where we are today.

[In the paragraph above, Mayo is echoing Hubbard who often said that it took quadrillions of years for thetans to become as degraded as they are, so there's no reason to expect instant results with the tech and the fact that the state of Clear and OT can be reached in a matter of years is enough of a miracle in itself.]

Also I feel that over the years there has been a lot of false promotion in dissemination and regging about what people should expect from each level as it [sic] came out. Often this leads to a person being told that he would achieve more out of a certain level or procedure than he did, resulting in him possibly being disappointed in what he got. On the other hand if a person was told exactly what he was going to get and he got that he'd be happy about it.

Very often when I was working in scientology organizations I would often have to handle PCs who'd been promised perhaps that their whole case was going to get handled in 12 and a half hours, or that this next level was going to make them exterior with full perception. I think it would have been better... this often took up paid auditing time on the PC. I think it's one of many reasons why we all decided to leave that particular outfit and do something else. I didn't call it the church because I don't think of it as a church.

Anyway... I'm really telling you this because I feel that honesty in what we promise, honesty in our promotion is a very important thing. Now the other reason is it's not just that a person gets disappointed. The other thing that happens is the person invalidates himself or his case. If he's told that he's going to get a certain type of EP [end phenomenon] of a rundown or a level and he doesn't get that he will think it's his fault. PCs, in my experience, almost never blame the auditor, or the auditing, or the C/S, or the tech, or the process, or the reg or the promo. They always lean way over backwards blaming themselves. Often disappointed or dissatisfied PCs are handled as if they are blaming the organization or as if they are critical. But this is almost never the case.

If a person is handled as if it's his fault or as if he's an NCG [no-gain case] after a while he will start to believe that it is his fault or that he is an NCG. Some people of course are tougher than others but it tends to happen that way. If people were generally promised exterior with full perception from [a] communication grade the majority of them would think there was something wrong with them or something wrong with the way they ran the process if they didn't achieve that.

I've read a lot of promo, some success stories that have been published in some magazines which have suggested that the person has achieved various types of OT powers like being able to levitate for example, or being able to walk through a wall, which I always joke about saying that I can walk through walls providing that I can find the door. As a result of this I think we've been made to expect that we should have gotten more than what we did. So to some degree we had a possible source of bypassed charge of invalidating our ability to run the process or whether you felt you did it right or not.

So in my experience as a C/S and auditor over the years I have not known people to achieve what we would call OT powers. I'll describe what I have seen. I've seen people get some intuition occasionally, but not being able to do it at will. And I've seen some people have some telepathy. But it usually happens without their deciding to make it happen. And if the person decided, I'm going to read somebody else's mind, I've actually never seen somebody be able to do that--not at will. I've seen it happen occasionally, by accident but not at will. So there some things that can be achieved and there are some things that, in my experience anyway, I've not seen achieved.

If you have felt or anyone here has felt that perhaps there was something wrong with them because they couldn't make the chair float up to the ceiling or perhaps couldn't make themselves float up to the ceiling or whatever it was, then I don't think it was your fault and I don't think you did the process wrong. I'll tell you some more things which I feel need to be told because I think people need to know the truth about some things that they... some people will want to hear and some people are not going to want to hear this. But I think you should know it whether you like it or not.

I audited L. Ron Hubbard probably for the longest period of time that anybody has [sic] ever audited him. He had a goal to go exterior. After one session he thought that he might have gone exterior and he told me and described what he saw outside the room; which was a moonlit night with the trees and stars and so on. He wanted to go outside, wanted me to come with him go outside and see if that's what he saw, if it was there. We went outside--it was pitch black and [we] couldn't see anything. So, the result was we're still going to work on him going exterior. I'm not telling you this to say that nobody else has gone exterior because I know people have. But if you haven't gone exterior or if you haven't gone exterior with full perception I want you to know that you're not the only one.

And if sometime you wanted to go exterior so much or you wanted to have some OT power so much that you thought to yourself, well maybe I've got it a little bit, and then your wrote say a little success story saying, "I think I got this." but you didn't really believe it; now it's okay to admit that it didn't happen yet.


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