Human rights activist threatened with baseball bat by Scientologist
23 Apr 2001

From: mgormez@chello.nl (Michael 'Mike' Gormez -
www.taxexemptchildabuse.net )
Subject: Info-action Scn-school Amsterdam - 13 April 2001
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 23:49:11 GMT
Message-ID: <3adb81ea.8263195@news.ams.chello.nl

In telegram style. Starts boring but end interesting.

Friday 13 April 2001 - one open day in Scn linked school in Amsterdam.

Time of picket 11:00 thru 15:00pm.

Weather 9c/48f. Partly cloudy with some moments of precious sun for which we were postulating most of the time. We would have unambiguously confirmed that the postulating tech works - however near the end of our picket it started to rain and get real cold.

400 hundred or so of very good flyers handed out.

The first one told on one side in bold letters that the school is Scn and has a quote of an ex-pupil who wanted to die because he was made to believe then that he had done many bad things in his life. The other side which described the link between the Lafayette-school <www.lafayette-school.nl and Scientology, that the same books were sold in Scientology "churches" as used on this school, and cited the 2 academics prof. J. Lemlech of USC and dr. David Touretzky, who debunked study tech. It contineus with the use of e-meters on the kids - who are sent to the org for that - and about the gift Hubbard left behind for the Scn children, the infamous Sec Check Children. The other flyers was the trusted Xenu-flyer. Both did their job to satisfaction. Urls on them: www.b-org.demon.nl/scn/nl/inhoud.html (dutch) www.taxexemptchildabuse.net (english)

About 4 non-scientology visiting parents (couples or not) were informed.

3 picketers. Jeta, Ineke and Mikey (and a baby penguin hidden in my coat).

1 Scn-school linked lunatic who verbally threatened to smash our heads in with a baseball bat. Denied being scieno while behaving and talking like one.

8 cops (or 10, I am not sure) because of same scn-school lunatic.

He came outside of the school, Jeta reported and spoke only English. The man was very aggressive. Not the played kind. No, thhis was serious. He said his son was a pupil of this school and he didn't like us to see there. If we wouldn't leave he would get a bat and make us go. That and a lot of swearing. I called the police but the man was already gone after I had asked him to stay and wait with us. In a few minutes 2 police cars did come from two sides of the street two officers talk with us.

The situation was explained and that the guy was not under control. You've to know that even his (supposed) girlfriend who came out of the school as well, hadn't any influence on him. Two officers went inside - not the kind of visitors on a open school day you want to see - and after ten minutes they came outside and told us that the school had told them that the man would not come back. The police officer responsible for that part of the city would contact both the school and me, we were told.

The police wasn't away for longer as 5 minutes or that dangerous lunatic comes cycling back. This is not good, perhaps he had his baseball bat - or worse with him, we were wondering. Luckely he hadn't, but he was still very much upset and aggressive. He nearly rode his bike against Jeta. He went again into the school. Of course the police was called again. This man is not normal.

This time 2 bikes and 1 or 2 police cars came. Blocking all traffic in the narrow street. Neighbors behind the windows. The works. The 2 police bikers were told the lunatic was back and this despite the promise... more was not neccassery, the officers had talked with the previous cops and the knew about the deal of not coming back. Suddenly while I am still talking with the officers the man comes outside the school. I point him out and the officers had in interesting conversation with him that went something like this (taken from Jeta's Dutch report and edited/extended by Mike):

Agressive scientology-school lunatic: "I only speak English. So we have a problem"

Police-biker in English: "I speak English as well, so that settles is. From which country are you?

Scn-school lunatic: "I am an European

Cop: "In which country are you born?" with a tone that was telling 'don't mess with me'.


"Well, perhaps you are not aware of the laws in the Netherlands but here everyone has the right to express his opinion. Even if you don't like that opinion. This picket has a permit approved by the mayor of Amsterdam."

"I am also expressing my opinion."

Officer: "You are trying to put extra force in your argument by threatening with physical violance?"

Then the English speaking Scientology-school man tells his story. You should have seen his body language and the way he talked. But most of all we were thankful for his admission he had indeed verbally threatened to use a bat on us and he felt he can use what ever means possible. The concept of free speech had to be made clear to him by the police for quite a number of times and I doubt he has remembered any of it.

Police officer: "Sir, you have sweaty temples and your heartbeat is way over the top. You are very emotional and although you try to pretend you're calm, I can tell you're not."

The scientology-school lunatic told the cops that it was hot (wasn't wearing a coat and in 9c/48f?) on which the officer told him that the he was wearing a think motorbike jacket but that the only one he saw perspiring, was him.

The police made it clear if the picketers had to call for a third time, he would be taken in. The man went reluctantly inside and then his girlfriend tried her spiel. "Those people," meaning us, "have misunderstood him. He hasn't meant it that way. They are misrepresenting him."

Officer bluntly: "He has just told me himself how he would smash their heads in." So much for that conversation..

Meanwhile arriving OT Ankie Nugteren was trying to mingling into the conversation. "How many times have you been here?" She had heard that a 3rd time would mean business. "Who has called? Who has called?" she demanded to know. I still can't comprehend what the hell it matters who had called. If only she had been so worried for our health!

("Another result was a very clear new view about people." http://myreligion.scientologist.net/ankenugteren/success.htm)

To end this report.

The neighborhood was NOT amused to learn of the scientology school. They thought it was an ordinary school for pupils with learning difficulties. In a sense that is true. We got very good responses from the passers-by and even were offered coffee by a neighbor across the street :8)

There's is more to this story but I feel that it wouldn't be prudent to talk about that on this moment. However let me tell you that I am not happy with this kind of vehement outburst of implied violence. Perhaps it is accepted behavior in Occupied Clearwater with all those off-duty cops making money by sucking up to the scientology-cult, over here I like to keep it calm and reasoned. No one says you've to agree with what I say, but when I'm exercising my rights granted under Dutch law, i'd rather not be threatened with implied deadly force.

Mike (So sue me because this is not telegram style after all!) -- Scientology & Dianetics Tax-exempt child abuse and neglect? www.taxexemptchildabuse.net


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