Toronto Picket Report: April 15, 2001. The OSA Frustration Game.
19 Apr 2001
Gregg <elrond1@home.com>

This picket Report has been much delayed by interesting developments.


Toronto Picket Report
Sunday April 15, 2001

Picketers: Mike Argue, Gregg Hagglund
Observers: Kaeli, Zeratul

Duration: 1 PM to 3 PM
One Hour Civil,
One hour Obstructed.

Flyer Count: 100+

On location OSA Goon Squad: Bob and Val Hill
Late Arriving Goon Squad: Brian McPherson, Gwen Jones,
Doug, Daffy Dan Bryenton, Andy Hill.
Notably Absent: OSA Prowler, thief and Street Thug Peter Ramsay.


First Hour of picket is uneventful.

Second hour:

OSA Volunteer Goon Squad Enacts its Purpose: Obstruct or frustrate the Free Speech Rights of critics by intimidation, harassment, theft, and violence.

Gregg Hagglund surrounded by mob of OSA Volunteer Goons. Gregg Hagglund forced to push his way through a ring of OSA Thugs.

Gregg Hagglund gives Dan Bryenton 40 Seconds of Loud and Angry Sounding Rhetoric.

Dan Bryenton ignores the warning he received by Police Nov 18, 2000 and approaches within an intimate distance of Gregg Hagglund.

Dan Bryenton and Bob Hill, despite previous admonishment by Police at previous pickets, violently steal leaflets.

Dan Bryenton shoves and obstructs Gregg Hagglund in the middle of a public sidewalk.

Gregg Hagglund threatened by Andy Hill with being thrown into the street.

Dan Bryenton, Brian Mcpherson, Gwen Jones and Andy Hill make repeated slanderous and confusing detrimental claims about local critic Scott Duncan. [See my follow up Post; THE WRATH of the SCOTTMEISTER: OSA Toronto Draws in a Major New Opponent.]

Picket Report;

Mike Argue, I and others thought it a good idea to do a short picket of the criminally convicted Toronto Org on April 15, Easter Sunday. Since Hubbard variously claimed scientific proof that "there was no Christ", that Christianity was founded by gangsters and madmen and that the Christian Heaven was a cruel betrayal, we determined this day as appropriate for and educational picket. Especially appropriate since Scientology does not share Hubbards 'scientifically based' contempt for Christian Beliefs.

In 1999 and 2000, Scientology was forced to hire off duty Police officers to keep the Public Peace at our pickets. It became the Criminal Cults financial burden to fund *our* police protection because OSA Goons were known by Police to routinely break the law whenever it *appeared* the Police were absent.

Obviously, had the picketers been proven to be violent, harassing, constantly abusive and generally breakers of the Peace, then it would have become our burden to pay for an off duty Police Officer in order to continue the pickets. OSA, despite many hours of videotaping picketers, failed to prove to Metro Toronto Police any of the false allegations of picketer misconduct. These allegations were made by DSA Al Buttnor to 52 Division CIB Detective S. Bone. Indeed, the Toronto Org made several calls to police making false claims about picketer activities. The reverse was the truth: OSA was directing abusive and inciteful behaviour towards the picketers. The police apparently utilizing plainclothes officers knew this, thus the Criminal Cult eventually were required to pay for *our* protection at our previous 4 to 6 hour pickets of 1999 and 2000.

On Sunday April 15, I did not think the OSA Goon Squad, once assembled, would become immediately extremely abusive and dangerous to the two of us, especially me, with our own non participant observers watching. I thought it was possible the Goon Squad was capable of decent and civil behaviour.

However, in retrospect, given how the OSA Goon squad in the past would distract the observing Police in order to commit petty acts of violence and theft, I should have known better.

For the first hour, despite some of the usual abusive rhetoric of Bob Hill, the picket ran smoothly. Mike and I handed out over 100 flyers. [Ok. mostly Mike, he has a talent, what can I say?]

After almost exactly an hour the bulk of the usual OSA Volunteer Goons arrived. They had a plan and they put it into action.

First Brian Mcpherson, Gwen Jones and Bob Hill simply began a steady barrage of the usual verbal abuse. They were accompanied by Doug on the OSA Video cam.

Two minutes later Dan Bryenton arrives and four minutes later I find myself in distinct trouble.

As any videotape of the scene will show, I am standing at the curb of the now busy Yonge Street, with a street signpost at my back. Brian mcpherson approaches me, bantering, from my left and Dan Bryenton quickly steps into within inches of me. Bryenton is smoking a foul smelling cigarillo about 4 inches long (at this point]. Bryenton is verbally abusive of me and the physical proximity of the burning cigar is frightening. The last time Bryenton and I had met last November he had stalked and harassed me on the street and then been warned to stay away from me by the attending Police Officer. Unfortunately my video camera was not in a position to show Dan Bryenton's eyes at this point, but, IMHO, they had violence in them.

It had taken only moments but I was neatly trapped. Restrained by the street sign at my back, street traffic on my right,OSA goon Mcpherson on immediate left and historically aggressive and violent prone Dan Bryenton intimidatingly close and visibly dangerous inches in front of me.

I immediately had the choice of remaining trapped and vulnerable for a few dangerous moments or escaping. Since escape to the street or backwards was not possible I had to push between Bryenton and Mcpherson. Any vidoetape of the scene will show I mostly deflected Bryenton aside while pushed through to escape.

Val Hill, standing behind Bryenton, immediately claimed I had pushed Bryenton. And Bryenton, burning cigar in hand ,demanded an apology. Of course I did not give him one. He blocked me in and came too close to me with that cigarillo. Bryenton's history of assaulting Gerry Armstrong, Kaeli, and Alan Barclay, combined with his *police noted* [and videorecorded by me] recent street agression towards me. along with the burning cigarillo he had in my face amply justifies my pushing past him along my only line of escape.

XXXXXXXXX post to ABS: Toronto April 15, Audio 1.

Two minutes later Bryenton was again in my face. As the video will show later and the audio I offer now, I am clearly exasperated and angry. I exhibit this by 40 seconds of loud and angry sounding speech. This amused, rather than frightened the OSA Goons. You can hear them tittering in the background. [ As I have said many times before, I may get loud, but I will never start a physical fracas. When Peter Ramsay assaulted me last year, i only sought to escape him, not battle him.]

This verbal confrontation was a rare poor display on my part. [A few moments out of hundreds of hours of picketing, but still, not a good example.]However, poorer still was the organized and aggressively pursued OSA tactic to suppress our Free Speech rights which continued.

XXXXXXXXX post to ABS: Toronto April 15, Audio 2.

Within another 5 minutes the OSA Goon Squad had surrounded me again, but there was more room to escape them. I then kept constantly moving with some Goons trailing. Others gave mike Argue a rough time, but were not physically intimidating him.

We took a few minutes break so I could change videotapes in the camera and catch my breath

XXXXXXXXX post to ABS: Toronto April 15, Audio 3.

I wanted to return across the street with Mike for a little while longer because the intelligence I was gathering from the OSA Goons, as they harassed me was valuable. [See my follow up Post; THE WRATH of the SCOTTMEISTER: OSA Toronto Draws in a Major New Opponent.] However, I knew I would have to stay moving or they would try to trap me again. I was concerned about getting thrown into traffic by them. A serious concern it turned out the OSA Goons were aware of and willing to tease me with the prospect of that kind of violence.

XXXXXXXXX post to ABS: Toronto April 15, Audio 4.

Six minutes after Mike and I returned and resumed our picket Dan Bryenton was again trying to physically intimidate me. And the other Goons were trying to trap me again at the curb edge with my back to a busy Yonge Street. I tried to get away from Dangerous Daffy Dan, by going around him onto the open sidewalk, but he deliberately thrust himself aggressively in my path. I did manage to escape him though. McPherson laughed and expressed the OSA strategy, "Feeling a little frustrated Greg?"

XXXXXXXXX post to ABS: Toronto April 15, Audio 5.

Of course my Charter Rights were being frustrated by the OSA Thugs. Hardly something for them to be proud of accomplishing.

Within another 5 minutes Bob Hill offered me a Co$ flyer and then Dan Bryenton violently ripped a flyer from my hand. Another form of assault both he and Putrid Paulette had been chastised about by the Police on previous occasions. Yes, we are handing out flyers, but *we* have the right to chose to whom we give the flyers. Violence prone Bryenton advised me, when I objected to his attack on my Rights, not hand out my flyers.

XXXXXXXXX post to ABS: Toronto April 15, Audio 6.

After that I kept constantly on the move for another 15 minutes or so before we called it a day.

For the benefit of Val Hill and others of the OSA Volunteer Goon Squad who are busy filing substantially false and misleading statements with Metro Toronto Police***: My video camera works very well.

***To be posted soon to ABS.

It recorded *everything* as described above. The audio clearly and distinctly records all that I said"

Scientology Management does not always tell truth;

Scientology Management has condoned and often conducted illegal, unethical and immoral activities;

Some Scientology Practices are dangerous to participants health, either physical or mental or both;

Scientology Management and L.R. Hubbard lied about Hubbards life, history and accomplishments;

Despite the pseudo-scientific claims of Hubbard no Scientology or Dianetic process has *ever* been clinically *proven* to work as claimed.

Hubbard taught there was no Christ.

Hubbard taught that black people are insane.

Hubbard taught Mohammed was a country bumpkin.

Don't go in there, all they want is your money.

[Brian Mcpherson IMHO] a scientology asshole.

[Gwen Jones IMHO] A Credit Record thief.

[Val Hill and the other Goons] Are members of a criminally convicted cult.

Scientology teaches Gay people are to be disposed of quietly and without sorrow. [If they had there way of course.]

[Dan Bryenton] hates homosexuals.

[Dan Bryenton is ] A fucking scientologist asshole liar. {See below}

And Val, get your facts straight: As accurately stated above, it was *your* misconduct and the contemporary misconduct of your entire Criminally Convicted Org which resulted in Co$ having to pay for a police presence previously delivered at no charge in 1997 and 1998.

I would welcome a CW style restraining order to muzzle the increasingly outrageous and violent inciteful and threatening tactics of the Toronto Co$.

We'll gladly take the St. Mary side of the Org to picket in and directly across the street from the New Yorker Theatre south to Isabella. Also On Yonge Street for 50 feet south of the Org reception entrance and 50 feet north of the St Marys. And all scientologists will have to stay 10 feet away from us while we are picketing in those zones.

No problem. Let us go to court and have it so ordered as an immediate permanent injunction.

As I see it, it will be the only way to *force* Co$ and its' OSA Goons and Volunteer Goons to respect for democratic Charter Guaranteed Rights of others.

Until such time as an injunction, as noted above, is in place and as a result of the events of April 15, I have resolved I will no longer picket at the Toronto Org when opposed by the criminally and violently inclined neo fascist and anti free speech OSA volunteer Thugs.

I do not want to put other picketers at risk of being involved in attempting to intervene to save me from potential or actual violence by OSA street thugs like Dangerous Daffy Dan Bryenton or Peter 'Prowler' Ramsay.

Dan Bryenton has lied about:

my mortgages;
my home purchases;
the nature of my involvement in the Jewelway Inc;
my involvement in Gameways and its bankruptcy;
my company Dragonstar's assets;
my construction of various Dragonstar properties;
the internal disposition of Dragonstar assets;
my theological interest in Christianity;
my registration of Temple of At'L'An as a business name;
our ownership of name Temple of At'L'An;
our Trademark rights in Temple of At'l'An;
our ability or intention to remit taxes to provincial and federal
my information pickets about scientology being criminal harassment;
the factual basis of the information I share with the public about
corporate scientology and LRH;
my Spirituality;
my lawful and legal activities;
my opinion he is a repressed homo or bisexual
his threats to harm me;
and his attempt to extort me.

He has also made false statements concerning alleged stalking, sexual interests and sexual activity.

The above is not necessarily a comprehensive list of Daniel J. Bryenton's often repeated falsehoods.

William G. Hagglund [SP7]
Solarius El Rond
Temple of At'L'An (TM)***
Oakville Ontario

*** See:

Malicious misrepresentation of this TradeMark is currently being implemented by OSA Agent Peter Ramsay. Ramsay continues to act as a TradeMark Terrorist on behalf of his superior Toronto DSA Al Buttnor and the Criminally Convicted Corporation of Scientology which they both slavishly serve.

Peter Ramsay has been ordered by my attorneys to Cease and Desist these wilful and malicious Infringements.

Legal Action is pending.

For more on OSA Thug Ramsay and his questionable activities go to: <http://xenu.ca/ramsay/ and <http://stalker.nx2000.net/


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