Picket Report - Sea Org in Atlanta
05 May 2001
ethercat <ethercat@arscc-atl.com>

Time: 11am - 1pm
Picketers: , ethercat, Mad Kow, Wynot
Public Acks: 127
Cars in Org Lot: 14-16

The picket was peaceful, and as usual, punctuated by a positive response from the people of Dunwoody, averaging just over 1 public approval per minute. For the first time in ages, Susan came out to take our pictures, using an SLR with a lens long enough to take pictures of our pores, to keep her from having to get too close to the dangerous SPs, no doubt.

<speculation We had wondered why no picture taking had occurred over the last several pickets, and I had wondered why MikeSmith3 had said he was told that no picket occurred the last time, in January. I think perhaps by not taking pictures and not reporting pickets to upper management, our Atlanta org was trying to keep their stats from falling, and now they were found out. </speculation

Susan engaged wynot in conversation, some of which he returned and some of which he rebuffed. She appeared to want to distract Mad Kow and I with her conversation and photo-taking, but was unsuccessful with us, since Wynot was the designated talker for the day. I'll let him recount the conversation. I did smile for one or two photos, but Mad Kow would not be deterred.

Soon after the photo session, we were surprised to see a Sea Orger, in what I suppose was full dress regalia. He wore a very formal looking coat with chains (or braid?) supported by epaulets, and matching pants. (It was rather warm for wearing a coat today.) He stood for a while watching us and smoking, speaking with Susan, then soon took off for lunch to the sandwich shop next door with what appeared to be another sea orger, female, dressed less formally. It surprised me to see them walk all the way out of the org parking lot, out to the sidewalk, and into the driveway of the sandwich shop, when most people just shortcut across the grassy lawn that separates the two businesses. Maybe he didn't want to get his shoes messy in the grass.

The photo-taking and the elaborate uniform intrigued the people of Dunwoody as they passed in their cars, and called more attention to us.

We saw John (famous from the "crimes picket") arrive, but he was in better control of his reactive mind today, and just went into the org.

A friendly Dekalb county police officer drove by at one point, waving at us, and saying to just call if we needed them.

The literature box by the sidewalk which previously has contained "What is Scientology?" booklets. held information on the dangerous Purification today. Though they're for the public to take and read, we didn't take one, as likely that would be used as an excuse to accuse us of stealing, and besides, we've already seen enough Hubbard propaganda.

The little garden areas, which Linda had planted in 1999, and which also had flowers last year, appeared neglected this year. Gardening tip for overworked staff: Plant perennials instead of the less expensive annuals, and have flowers every year without the work.

<non-picket, extra info

A scientology dentist (Joel R. Benk, DDS) has been sending me US mail lately, trying to get me to come to his office for dental care. His mailing includes coupons for a free exam with a $10 donation to the Drug Free Marshalls, but aside from knowing DFM is a scn front group and not something I wish to contribute to, dental care without anesthesia doesn't sound like something I want to engage in either. :)

His mailing also includes a xeroxed clipping from "The Vinings Gazette" about him making a $240 donation to the DFM. The clipping comes complete with a picture of him and Susan, along with children, Ryan and Eva Benk, Jessica Webb (Susan's daughter) and Rachael Stein (daughter of Rev. Diane and Paul the ED?), with a 4x1 ft. check.

Maybe I should let him know he's soliciting an SP? Or maybe send him a copy of his video tape?

That's it; another great, non-violent picket, with enough acks to qualify for the sweepstakes - a trip to our choice of Venus, Jupiter, or the Van Allen Belt. ;)

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