Picket report, SF mini report May 5th
06 May 2001
philscott88@hotmail.com (Phil Scott)

It was a fun day, warm and sunny, stiff breeze. The cult members were out with very large placards "Psychiatry Kills" etc. and one had a photo of a guy getting a pre fontal lobotomy, that would cure a person of ever wanting *that done.... although the turkey baster, drugs and mind trash job the cult did on Lisa McPherson might have out done the psychiatrists, at least the frontal lobotomy victim lived.

I've been telling Jeff that they are using the psychiatric scene as a straw man to distract their own staff and public from the cults seriously criminal activity of hiring hit men, thugs and whores to ruin people etc. rip off money.

In attendance:

I got there about 12:30

Kristi and Peach were resting in the shade handing out fliers and educating the public, and letting the cult people (about 5 of them) roast in the sun holding their huge black and white large block letter signs..

Then I arrived with 200 bright red fliers with the totally vicious Rev Bagleys killer letter on it... and the usual web references, and my phone number in case anyone had a group they needed a speaker for. I handed out about 100 of those and gave the rest to Peach and Kristi for later. We all began walking back and forth in front of the bOrg.

Then Paul (phr) arrived. THEN..... Keith Henson and Arel arrived. Arel was PISSED for some reason, maybe it was because one of the culties was trying jam a video cam down her throat. She was resplendent in a white outfit, and white hat, she relaxed later. She was being ruthlessly harrassed by the tall black guy with the video cam, I offered to be a witness in court if needed to that effect... the guy was taunting her, and kept taunting me too at every opportunity apparently trying to provoke a remark that he could capture on video and edit for use in court later. That guy seemed after a while to back off a bit. They were trying to get shots of all us critics with Keith so I obliged and they got about 90 pics as Keith and I discussed the frame up job they did on him in Hemet. I think thats going to backfire big time on the cult especially if Reed Slatkin turns out to be the judges 'investment' advisor. Time will tell.

I talked to all of the cults placard holders, one was Jeffs auditor, a wired up stressed out looking dude, he was nasty to me at first when I tried to be friendly and compliment him on his very nice new 'psychiatry kills' black jacket and well done sign... he said "you are not my friend and trying to act that way is beneath contempt" or some such. Later I stopped by and told him that I could be friends with anyone despite differences in opinion, he was nicer then.

The girl holding an anti psych sign with a large photo below of a person being lobotomized was very effective. She warmed up just faintly over the time were were there.

There was a new guy holding an anti psych sign on the street corner, he was casual, and nice, hip looking. I told him he needed a sign with photo like the girl. He agreed. He will blow the cult shortly I believe.

"nasty" Mark spent quite a bit of time trying to convince me that Reed Slatkin just got caught in a down market, when that failed he argued that a ponse scheme could happen to anyone on a bad day and that blaming the cult for it was unfair. I gave up. Told him to read the Faxes Ive been sending to Jeff with the details.

I had my usual long discussions with Jeff Quiros, he handed me the cults anti psychiatric mag... not all that bad I thought. I told Jeff that all they needed to do was cease with thier own crimes and we would all go back to drinking lemonaide and fishing. I talked to 'Nasty Mark' some more... he was civil as he was some of the time, last picket. ... although last picket I was at he almost jumped down Phrys thoat and lunged a bit at phr etc...

I cant say I noticed any increase in people going onto course at 1 pm... maybe 3 or 4, maybe one new face. A burly biker type, I suggested to him that he might wish to keep a close eye on his wallet.... you could see the wheels turning in his head when I said that. He won't be there long.

About 2 pm we went to the coffee shop and deli for refreshments and got an update on Kieths scene and Arels coming of age on understanding how far down in the pits the cult really is... she handed out a flier with Poopsies post regarding how the cult destroys life, a marvelously insightful post by Poopsie, and a major new insight for Arel. The flier is now part of Americana in the Union Square area she must have handed out over a hundred of those, maybe more.

Nasty Mark (who was semi nice today) showed up at the coffee shop and I slipped the cashier 2 bucks to pay for his coffee... he said he wouldn't accept it, but apparently took the freebie and spit, I had invited both he and Jeff to the after picket get together but Jeff declined.

Early on I asked Kristi to get her camera going when I approached Jeff Quiros with my box of fliers and asked Jeff to hold my picket sign while I 'struggled' with the mess :)...he reached for the sign out of instinct, and was going to hold it for a second but then caught on...we almost got a pic of an OSA guy holding a critical picket sign. that would have been a winner. maybe Kristi got the shot of him reaching for it she was rolling on it the whole time.

After the coffee shop we resumed picketing, I left after half an hour, Peach, Kristi, Keith, Arel, and I think phr stayed and picketed longer.

The general public is onto the cult about 50% more this year than last. Many tell you they know how bad it is when you tell them its worse than you think. One tall red head lady said she used to hang out with a bunch of scn's on the east coast I think in the 70's she said they scared her to death...dangerous she said, didnt take a flier. Many of the passers by gave me a thumbs up. I and Kristi gave fliers to many police who came by because of the Cinco DeMio day event at the square... the police took them enthusiastically :)

Phil Scott


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