Picket Report TAMPA 5/5/01, first time ever?
06 May 2001

Today (Saturday) from about 11 to 12, Me and my friend picketed in front of the Tampa Org. From what I've been told, that was the first time anybody ever demonstrated in front of the Tampa location. We had signs with messages that were directed more towards traffic than towards Scientologist. Nobody came out to talk to us, but some dude stopped his car and wanted to know why we were picketing. I gave him a couple of articles (Lopez article) to read. He said he wasn't a Scientologist, but I believe he was an investigator.

After we finished we talked to a nearby business owner and another person that seemed fairly familiar with Scientology. They don't like the cult very much.

It was fairly uneventful, we saw about 7 different people in the lobby or going in or out of the place.

I will pass on the footage to Mr. Bunker for his archives.

that's all.



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