Toronto Picket Report May 5, 2001: All Quiet on the Northern Front
05 May 2001
elrond1@home.com (Gregg)

Toronto Ontario
May 5, 2001

I celebrated my 50th birthday with what I believe was the 50th picket of the Toronto Org or Scn. Event in Toronto since May of 1997. {Look what punching Roland in the nose brought in, eh OSA?!}

Picketers: Slippery Jim, Mike Argue, Ron Sharp, Kaeli, Gregg.
Observer/photographer: Zeratul

Picket Count; 250 Xenu Specials
Picket Duration: 2 hours. 1PM to 3.PM

This was the quietest picket since the beginning of 1999.

Scientology only fielded three women and Tom Schuck eventually on video camera.

Unfortunately for the Co$ one of the women was the infamous Scienopathic Criminal Jacky Matz. (Domestic Espionage and copyright terrorist.]

I had lots of fun pointing out her criminality to passersby, as well as the Toronto Org conviction. It was also the main topic on the reverse of our Roland Xenu Specials. What an interesting coincidence.

This was a wonderful true Canadian picket. They gave out their fliers and called us criminals and perverts and we gave out our fliers which revealed Xenu and showed the criminality of the Co$. We traded quips and generally kept things polite. The OSA Volunteer Goon Squad made no appearance. Perhaps after their organized attacks on me last time, all caught on video, their legal advisors finally decided to curb their violence. Perhaps they were all unavailable. Andy Hill did put in an appearance at the very last minute as we were leaving. He managed to tell a passerby I was a big liar. But he could not tell what lies I had told.

Early in the picket Slippery Jim and I were able to have some comm with the handful of students on course. These poor wights were outside running out their cancer engrams. We made sure they understood it was the Body Thetans and Clusters they needed to worry about. And the Flying Saucers and evil Aliens as well as the Revenge of Xenu in Episode # 7,568,977,001.

All in all a very civilized time was had by all.

If this was by design then hats off to the Co$ for finally getting the idea that Canada is a country of Free Speech.

New Picket Signs:

Free Speech
Interferes with

Science Fiction
Science Fantasy
Science Fraud

Fraud, Fakery,
Flying Saucers:

Criminal Cult
of Scientology
In Canada.

June looks to be a hot picket environmentally. One wonders if the OSA Volunteer Goon Squad has been side lined by order of the brass.

I and others have noted the Toronto based sock puppets have been, with a single post exception, totally silent since April 15. This was the date of last months picket.

Gregg Hagglund SP7

Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at: <http://xenu.ca/index.html

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate between: ----individuals: picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior, and -----an organization:

picketing individuals for voicing their opinion." -M.C.DiPietra

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund


"It's doubtful anyone would heed a failed businessman with his own "religion" and other failed sci-fi interests." -D.Bryenton, 25 year Toronto Org Member & OSA Stooge



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