Minneapolis picket report
06 May 2001
Rich Ahrens <rma@visi.com>

Well, I was waiting for Raptavio to do a report, but he seems to be otherwise occupied at the moment. Saturday was a windy, grey and drizzly day, but we did two and a quarter hours at the MSP org. Handed out nearly 200 Xenu leaflets to interested passersby. This was my first CO$ picket, so I was surprised by a number of things. Most of all, it was surprising how much support the public offered, and how many already knew about the cult. Took us a while to figure out that many thought we were *with* the cult and were avoiding the leaflets for that reason. That led to a change of approach to "Hi, we're picketing Scientology, and here's why." Got lots of interest. Led to lots of interesting conversations, too, especially since the American Philosophical Assocation was meeting in a hotel right down the street.

The clams seemed unprepared for a picket, but after a half hour or so they got it together enough for "Helen" to come out and photograph us. Another unnamed woman also came out to shoot photos later. The most interesting interaction, though, was when one of them assaulted Raptavio! This short dweeb left early in the picket. When he came back he walked up within a couple feet, said "Here's something you should read - you guys need to get jobs," and then threw a rolled-up employment newspaper in Rap's face with a loud thwack. He then ran into the org. We called the police after Rap was unable to do a citizen's arrest. An officer showed up and went into the org with Rap to identify the culprit. He IDed everyone involved and wrote up an assault report. It will be interesting to see if the city attorney prosecutes the little thug.

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