Picket in Munich 05/12/01, sun, fun and a slap in the face
12 May 2001
Bodo Staron <bodo@staron.de>

Hi all,

there were two pickets today because of a "Narconon" show in Munich. The cult rented some rooms to present the... well "Anti-Drug Program". The people that live there are really pissed about the cults show, so they picket at least once a day or so... today there were two pickets. The picketers have to stand on the other edge of the place . You can see a map here:


Now the funny part is that the show is in the "Gay" part of Munich. A lot of gay people live there, a famous restaurant "Deutsche Eiche" is just 50 meters away from the show. The "Hans-Sachs" Strasse is also not far away there is big gay party every year. Really nice people! Is this a downstat for the cult, because of the location :)?

I missed the first picket because I got the wrong time, but there was a second picket so I just stayed to talk to people. A nice lady stayed with me and talked about all kinds of things, and also about the dark side of Scientology. I had a T-Shirt with the first OT3 page on it, the Scientologists that new it _looked_ at me. I think they could not believe it that a SP knows about it.

The Scientologists used some tactic get people in the show:

Free tickets (Well, the show costs nothing so there is no use for that) Roses with "Scientology" pieces of paper on them. Very bad because a lot of people didn't knew about the show and just took them. The Scientologists run the street back and forth, also with balloons. One Policeman explained what is legal and what not. In Germany it is of course absolutely legal to protest. But if you are more than three people you have to announce the protest/picket. It's not to bad, because you get Police watching for people, traffic etc so no one get's hurt or screams in your ear. There were five policemen watching, two from the special unit taking care of Scientology (also taking care of Neo-Nazis, Terror and other extremist groups, now you know how the government sees them).

I stayed, talked and waited for the next picket. I explained people that liked to hear it about Xenu, money etc. People were very open minded. The "Jive Aces" also played again, I think they have more time now. Since every club in Munich knows about the Scientology connection no one is willing to book them. At our position, more and more Scientologists came over, I saw one with an "OT" bracelet (sweeeeeet). I asked one of the Scientology ladys about the UFO connection, she was certainly not OTeee 3. At least she was not OT enough to confront this. She was unable to watch my T-Shirt. She starred in my face. This is spooky, every time.

The lady on my left side said: "The youg man near you is starring at us". And said: "Really" and smiled at him. I leaned over and said "Hello" in a normal way. He came closer and said "Do you have a problem?". I answered "No I don't have a problem". This went on for about three or four times, the guy coming closer every time. I asked then "Are you a Scientologist?" in a normal voice, and the guy slapped me in the face two times. As a reflex I slapped him back, he didn't expected it I think and was perplex for a short time. Now, the nice lady went to the police, police comming. The young man just said a second before "Come with me", maybe to hit me in some dark edge?

So the police was comming and asked him and me. Now it is very simple how it works in Germany. You can say: I'd like to file a charge (right word?) so you get the address of the other guy and he gets yours. Or you say: No I don't want to file anything then it's over. Since we both slapped, I think the charges will be dropped. But since OSA already knows my address, at least I have the Scientologists address. The policemen from the special unit also came and we shook hands.

There was also an episode with another young man that was accusing ME that I slapped the Scientologist first because he _thought_ that I was the Scientologist. He reversed his statement then, after realizing that it's the revers. I told this young man later that I don't want this, that it is wrong to lie only because he likes to harm Scientologists. That's NOT the right way. Sabine Weber (OSA Germany) came later and asked again about the incident, I explained also about the wrong behaviour of the young man, and I think she was a little bit surprised that I was kind to her. No I don't fool myself, I think it's nearly impossible to wake this woman up, I just treated her like a human being.

But I couldn't hold it and said: Well, you now Mrs Weber the people come out of the courses with this super-ego no wonder". And she said "But not every one is slapping". This is true,but in Dresden there was another incident (twice) with a Scientologist slapping an Ex- Scientologist.

I explained the (lying) young man about the Internet, what he can find, books to read. He needs to learn a lot I think. To much anger in him. You know anger leads to hate....

There was also an older lady, Scientologist that was really nice and interested in what I was doing there. She also asked about the back of my T-Shirt, Lisa McPherson on it. I told her the story, what I know, I think in a gentle way. She asked how I got the information, I explained about the Internet and that there is a lot of information out there, unedited. I think she didn't even heard about that case. I didn't took an pictures, it's not allowed to make portraits, well maybe I take some at the next picket.


PS: Now I have a huge picket sign. Grrrrr *g*


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