Gerry Armstrong UK picket
12 May 2001

Special SP guest Gerry Armstrong was over for a UK picket in Brighton which is a sea-side town on the south coast of England below London. The clams were very quiet. Nobody came out to counter-leafter. There was a fairly good turnout of SPs. Richard and Bonnie Woods, Ron Lawley (of fake blue uniforms and NOTs fanme), Gerry Armstrong, Andy Cole, Jens, Dave Bird, John Ritson, Shellac, Me (Roland). Leaflets were given out and Xemu helium balloons. It was a bright and hot day. Later we went back to London to the Fitzroy Tavern near the London org and then afterwards we went home after posing for a photo outside the London org. It wasn't even 10 o'clock and it was all closed down. The glass in their door is cracked radiating out from the handle. All in all a succesful picket and it was a great honour for us to meet Gerry.

Photos to abs shortly.


"I notice that we all believe that Venus has a methane atmosphere and is unlivable. I almost got run down by a freight locomotive the other day -- didn't look very uncivilized to me." - L. Ron Hubbard, "Between Lives Implants" lecture, SHSBC #317. 23 July 1963.



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