Toronto Picket-- Event Attendee Report
13 May 2001
elrond1@home.com (Gregg)

This is from a Scientologist in good standing.


Subject: DIANETICS EVENT REPORT - 2001/05/12
To: Greg Hagglund <elrond1@home.com

I arrived at the Colony Hotel at about 6:45 and after checking in found that the doors to the event were NOT open yet, so decided to have a coffee in the front of the hotel, where I discovered that there was a rather active discussion going on. Fearing the possibility of violence, I kept a VERY small profile, while keeping a close eye and ear open.

Doors finally opened at about 7:30, half an hour late, and ushers from Toronto Org showed us to seats, before a screen (back projection) which was showing a video about "The Auditors" and how really great they are, and how they are the only ones who are going to be able save the world, and a large poster of Ron Hubbard, well lit, just off to one side. About all I can say in favour of the video was it had a catchy beat ... musically speaking.

The main video started after about 15 minutes, and dealt with the history of 51 years of Dianetics; it took about 5 minutes for me to recognize the manner of presentation was more than a little similar to the MLM schemes with which I have come into contact, or some of the most noxious forms of SPAM with which I daily find my email inboxes being inundated.

"One Man, One Dream" was a recurring theme, and great emphasis was being put on how many new groups in many countries were now taking up Dianetics study, and who in those countries was endorsing these studies, (Military OFFICERS, Politicians, and so on) and how there are groups in such places as Vietnam, Bosnia, the old Soviet Union, and several African Countries. A great way for the leaders and those having the power structure (and money) to further control the populace.

Mostly it was boring, with middle-age males (mostly) and teen or early 20's girls all pushing the latest volumes of the books and courses. Hard sell, of course, but what else is new.

Also, a lot of the older crowd seemed to be staff, or their kids, and I figure there were about 200 in attendance during the video. Of course, during the refreshments after, there were about 50 staff and perhaps a dozen others who lined up for the piece of cake and coffee, and more hard sell on the "package deal" 30% off on course materials and FREE advanced training related to it.

No thanks, I will stick with what I know, and my friends to help when I need a FRIENDLY word, without being required to pay large sums of money for the privilege of a smile along with a heavy dose of bdsm or DOM/sub to go with it.

Another time I think I will join the other side. It sounded more interesting and lively.



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