Toronto Picket Report: May 18, 2001.
19 May 2001
Wm. Gregg Hagglund

Toronto Picket Report

Toronto Ontario
May 18, 2001

Picketers: Keith Henson. Gregg Hagglund
Flyers Count: 75+ Roland Xenu Specials


Keith Henson and I drove into downtown Toronto so that Keith could attend some to some business at Mamann and Associates. The meeting was cut short, so Keith and I had a spare hour or so before the Rush Hour Traffic back to Oakville became impossible. So we decided to put in an hour or more picket of the Deadbeat Toronto Org. (I always carry my SP paraphernalia with me when I drive into Toronto.)

We arrived at the Org at just before 2:30 PM. I had briefed Keith earlier on our rules and strategy. I did not anticipate anything but the usual bull baiting of me and OSA Volunteer Brian MacPherson coddling up to Keith. Briney does that, pretending to be "reasonable" while trying to record something useful for the OSA.

The Dianetics bookstore has now been completely expanded into the old restaurant. This means they have twice as much absolutely empty space, but they try to *look* impressive.

The front lobby entrance of the Org had boxes piled up from Golden Era. The boxes were the size and type for standard flyers and such. Several of the boxes were clearly labeled "SOS Letter Stuffers". Since this is Canada, Golden Era had shipped up English and French versions. They were labeled IIRC as 3000 per box and there were at least 10 boxes. Since there are less than 150 Scientologists in Ontario and Quebec, that means at least 29, 850 people will be receiving junk mail at a cost of over $15,000 if mailed or several hundreds if just generally delivered by junk mail delivery services.

Brian MacPherson made his appearance in about 15 minutes. This must mean he works not too far away. When we picket, poor Briney has to leave his work or play and answer our summons.

So does Dirty Dan.

It doesn't matter if Daffy or Briney are asleep or at work.
We control their Horizontal or Vertical.
They cannot adjust their Schedules.
We decide and they must abide.
Now who is at cause here?

Briney spent the next hour walking and talking with Keith. Again Briney. who admits he reads ARS, displayed no fear of Keith, even laughing at the idea Keith might be carrying an ICBM.

Dirty Dan showed up about 35 minutes after we started. He wasn't very happy being called in from his job, but his desires have nothing to do with when I decide he has to be at the Org to meet with me. He tried to be intimidating, but since he didn't have his fellow thugs for support he was a little less bold. Dan tried a few times to get physically close to me to use his cigarette, hostile demeanor and sickening body odor as a weapon. I kept him at arms length by using my sign to block his approach.

I frustrated Dan by basically "Not-Ising" him today. At the previous pickets this year I had engaged him somewhat verbally, but today I did not have direct verbal interaction with him. He spent most of his time leaning on the ORg building smoking and throwing insults at me. Very ineffective. Once and awhile he would approach me and claim I was a criminal, harboring a fugitive etc. Daffy claimed I had assaulted him three times! What a maroon. Video tape I possess shows a different story. Daffy claimed he had made a complaint to the cops and he wondered if I had "been visited" yet.

"Hate and Harassment .Hagglund and Henson, perfect bookends." -Dan Bryenton

What a liar.

Daffy also claimed loudly that Keith had been sentenced to 18 months in jail! What a shore story! By now the poor stiffs at Golden Era are convinced that Keith controls Monster Zero!

I really spoiled Daffy Dan's afternoon by loudly announcing to the passersby and the audience in the local outdoor coffee shop, "Dan Bryenton slanders me. Meet Dan Bryenton, Scientology OSA Volunteer, professionally trained to lie. Listen to Dan Bryenton tell lies about me. Dan Bryenton is a liar!"

Dan talked to Brian and felt he could sue me. But I have a huge list of lies Daffy Dan has told about me. (See list at the end.)

Dan is lost in a fantasy land populated by the evil Sps who will be brought to justice by him before a "JUDGE". Poor deluded OT.

At one point I took off my XENU AIR baseball cap and asked passersby "Do you have any spare change so a poor scientologist can get some processing? I am collecting money so that scientology guy over there can get some auditine. He really needs it. Can you spare change so a Scientologist can buy processing?" etc.

Dan was not pleased with my street theatre, to say the least.

One day that OSA volunteer thug is going to do more than block my path on the sidewalk or intimidate me with a burning cigarillo inches from my eyes, or shove Alan around, or knock Gerry Armstrong down. I think Dan Bryenton has true violence in his heart. I have certainly seen the murder in his eyes.

Keith and I called it quits after about one hour.

Brian and Dan had been complaining that we were spoiling the holiday weekend, so Keith and I hinted at a major picket for Saturday. Of course we were deceiving them, we will be back on Sunday...... or whenever we damn well choose.

Dan Bryenton has lied about:

my mortgages;
my home purchases;
the nature of my involvement in the Jewelway Inc;
my involvement in Gameways and its bankruptcy;
my company Dragonstar's assets;
my construction of various Dragonstar properties;
the internal disposition of Dragonstar assets;
my theological interest in Christianity;
my registration of Temple of At'L'An as a business name;
our ownership of name Temple of At'L'An;
our Trademark rights in Temple of At'l'An;
our ability or intention to remit taxes to provincial and federal
my information pickets about scientology being criminal harassment;
the factual basis of the information I share with the public about
corporate scientology and LRH;
my Spirituality;
my lawful and legal activities;
my opinion he is a repressed homo or bisexual
his threats to harm me;
and his attempt to extort me.

He has also made false statements concerning alleged stalking, sexual interests and sexual activity.

The above is not necessarily a comprehensive list of Daniel J. Bryenton's often repeated falsehoods.

Wm. Gregg Hagglund
Press Secretary
Refugee Committee,
Temple of At'L'An (TM)

Free Keith Henson


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