Toronto Picket Report - May 21st, 2001
21 May 2001
"Android Cat" <androidcat99@hotmail.com>

Something unprecented happened today that has never happened in four years of Toronto pickets! It rained...

In attendance, Gregg, Keith, Mike, Kaili, Zeratul, Slippery Jim and myself.

The picket was scheduled to start at 1pm, but since it was technically pissing sideways, we decided that it was a good time for lunch. (I pity the poor bastards that had to march in the Victoria Day parade. I hope they got a chance of a nice warm shower and change of clothes right afterwards.)

Now that I've met Keith Henson I can personally say that the thought of anyone being terrified of him is pretty silly.

After lunch, the rain slacked off a bit. The day was rather slow due the rain, and we had only intended to stick around for 15-20 minutes, but Co$ was at cause over us, and forced us to stay for an hour and a half. Rather than calling the good squad (not answering your phone today Dan?), the org called the police. We weren't going to leave and have it said that it was because of the police.

The two officers were there for 20 minutes, then their sergeant arrived (whom I'll refer to as The Big Guy). After a bit, he got on the phone to somebody higher up the ladder. The two officers came out, and we were curious to hear what shore story they'd been told, but they couldn't tell us. It definitely didn't involve the expected false claim that the org owns the public sidewalk under their overhang. It seems that they were telling stories about Keith. Keith explained his situation to them. Since he wasn't carrying any obvious nuclear missiles or attack eagles, they saw no problem with a legal and peaceful picket.

After 40 minutes inside, the sergeant wrote out a report and stalked out of the org, obviously annoyed at almost 3 police hours wasted by $cientology.

Gregg says that while the person in the org was telling her story, he thought he saw her wipe tears from her eyes and blow her nose. I can just imagine the tale of terror and intimidation that this superior being was spinning...

The Toronto org pulling it in again:
- 70 minutes extra picketing.
- Almost three hours of police time wasted.
- One annoyed sergeant.
- And one officer who got a URL from Keith to find out more about the case in Hemet.


Ron of that ilk.


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