LYON Org picketed, me almost "assaulted", Capital Crime committed!!
26 May 2001
"roger gonnet" <roger.gonnet@worldnet.fr>

The french Lyon org was picketed for the first time by critics yesterday.

Gerry Armstrong and me came to the org just before twelve, and started to take photos with our signs.

One guy, near 50 or so, went off and I said him "Hello, we are the OTs here, this guy here is an OT 5, me an OT seven.

And that scientologist said "your are shit-OT" or something similar.

So I said: OT Shit? That's a suppressive allegation, saying "Shit OT", per the texts. The gyuy insisted.

Some moments later, I went near the org, so as to be taken in photo with the picket signs. The guy approached me and pushed me physically (with some intention of "assault"), though most evidently, he was not yet intending to make me fall or really hurt me; rather a pre-assault.

I nevertheless indicated that if he wanted to keep on this way, I'd complain to the police.

He did not continue.

The whole Org's location had not even ONE car; apparently, no moves were visible behind the windows. (Photos will be posted later).

The whole side windows were closed, and the shutters were closed too, so, no light could pass through them.

Some front shutters were with paint repairs, badly done, most probably because of the taggings done on them (I've already seen "cult" or such inscriptions on them, years agho).

A large red paint splash was visible and unrepaired on the first step.

The Scientology sign is ugly and unprofessional, and most probably ten years old.

This org is not only "down": it's almost dead.

True enough, this org has enrolled lately the criminally sentenced ex-Lyon-Mission ED Jean Jacques Mazier, the one who got three suspended years jail and large amend plus damages for homicide, extortion and fraud.

I am happy to confirm that **ShitOT** is the new qualification for real OTs, I mean, those who having left, know exactly what an "OT" was or is.

Probably Gerry and I will go attest near ARSCC's examinator, and write our success letter, attesting our **ShitOT** (r) (tm) completion. We should be in the next Advance-Source ARSCC mag (tm. etc), together with M. Jesse Prince, who is normally attesting his ARSCC Commander (r) (tm) and Set-Up-Missed (r) completion.

roger gonnet
Le Secticide

Hubbard: Obtenez de l'argent, plus d'argent, faites obtenir plus d'argent aux autres.

Hubbard: Pour devenir riche, il suffit de fonder une religion.

Hubbard: Tuez ces onze personnes qui ne sont plus d'accord avec moi - ou qui ont fait connaître mes délires secrets que je vends très cher [texte adapté]


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