Murdoch's SF picket report, June 2nd, 2001
2 Jun 2001
"Murdoch" <murdoch2555@mail.com>

Warning: This is my first Picket Report, i haven't fully developed a solid format for how i'm gonna do these so on this one i'll probably just fly all over the place...here we go.

June 2nd, 2001, Scientology Picket, San Fransisco Org

7:00......Alarm Clock ( follow by my first suppresive activity of the day, in which i promtly suppressed my snooze buttom allowing for more SPleep.)

7:15...second suppresive act of day

7:30...up and ready to go back to sleep

8:00...in shower, hot water slowly waking me up, (should not of stayed up to watch episode of star trek :TNG at 1 in the morning last night)

off we go!

after getting my picket sign which read on one side "Scientology: CRIMINAL CULT, and on the other SCIENTOLOGY: LIES, STEALS, HURTS, MANIPULATES, AND KILLS! I was accompanied by Marie, my super duper lovely fantastic girlfriend who brought her camcoder to help capture all the picketing action. We got on Bart and took the always beautiful trip into the city.

11:00....arrived at ORG, very little traffic, both pedistrian and vehicular

11:15...homeless guy scares me and marie with rant about Goverment conspiracy, sex, and how he wraps his ciggarettes in newspaper....looked alot like george carlin, very weird guy....now that i think about it, probably was george carlin

11:20....begin picketing org, it's just me and marie with only one sign, no one comes out, Jeff Quiros (head of OSA in sanfransco) has not yet arrived. Not even a few scientologists out smoking.

11:45......Kristi and Peaches, along with blow up Xenu, arrive and MAJOR ENTURBULATION BEGINS. Jeff Arrives, stations Camera on tripod in Window, blocking out the "dianetic success story poster" to film us from within. Guitarman comes and out and plays his guitar.

12:00...4 more Handlers emmerge, "always nasty Mark", "Crawford", "girl with way to much eye makeup", and "really brainwashed girl".....hold "PSYCHIATRY KILLS SIGN. I point out to Scientologist Crawford that Our picket of Scientology has nothing to do with "Psychiatry"....his response was something like this

"well, whats on my sign is alot truer than whats on your sign.......so i'll hold the sign, because it's got something true on it".......with that logic, their next signs way be "Birds have wings"..."Lettuce is a Vegetable"....or "Rain comes from above"

I won't go into all the conversations i had with Nasty Mark, but i'll summise by saying he was very unpleasant, and consistently tried to turn every point of converstation to the subject of "psychiatry KILLS"...even at some points admitting he "harrases the hell out of people, like peaches....because they threaten me..", he explained the counter picket logic by using the analogy "if you throw a brick, you'll get a brick back"...........he later denied he did not mean "literal bricks"...but i have my doubts.

1:00...security guy arrived....a security for hire goon arrived, and took pictures of us and tried to scare us by staring at us.....didn't work......Jeff tried to look cool talking on his cell phone, like he was really suave..probably ordering pizza's

2:00...Arel arrives.........I would like to give a big thumbs up to her for comming, under the circumstances i was really inspired. She is very courageous, and commited to her husband and the "cause". Her sign read, "SCIENTOLOGY IS TRYING TO KILL MY HUSBAND"....as i remarked to Kristi, i wish that was an overstatement, but neither of us believe it to be." Crawford, tried to work Arel up by making rude comments about Keith surrounding the the events in Canada and Hemet, she kept her cool and kept on walking.... only to make Crawford seem like the little worm he really is.

2:30...arel leaves and the psych signs go back in, Nasty Mark and Jeff stay out to monitor, and Marie continues to have extensive convo with Nasty Mark......most of which was recorded...and will be reveiwed to see if it contains any of Nasty Mark's Nasty Comments.

3:00...LUNCH!!!, go to cafe, on way over, Charlie, TWISTER OF TRUTH, arrives and a nice Suppresive chat begins......me and Marie go to Carles Junior, and get get some grub and return. We talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. PHR arrives in middle of convo, and joins discussion

7:00.....okay just kidding

4:00.........Kristi and Peaches head home, Charlie, marie, phr, and myself head to ORG to engage some more entrubulance. Josh, the little guy Kristi thinks is cute, comes out and tells me to move off of property, seems i got to close, i explain to him that i had a right to be on City Owned Property, he rebutted, and not wanting to argue, or really caring, i gave up and said "okay whatever", he walked back in the org.

4:15....me and Marie are tired, so we get on Bart and head on home.

It was a great Picket, lots of OT activity and an equally stunning amount of SP show up.

Also, Jeff Quiros handed me a copy of the new FREEDOM MAGAZINE, or as i call it PROPAGANDOM MAGAZINE.......it contained an article on Hate Crimes featuring the standard cast of Keith, Bob, and Arnie Mentions......aswell as articles about Ursela in Germany.....and Jesse Prince.

One thing I did find that interested me was an add for the FREEDOM HUMAN RIGHTS LEADERSHIP AWARD

it explains on how you can nominate your nominees yourself, by sending in their name and what they've done. anyone who has helped

freedom of speech and expression
freedom of information
government reform
children's rights
Mental Health Reform
Religious Freedom
Social Justice

I will soon be summiting Keith Henson as my nominee for the 2001 Freedom Human Rights Award

if anyone else would like to the address is

Human Rights Leadership Awards, Freedom Magazine
6331 Hollywood blvd., suite 1200
Los Angeles, CA 90028-6329


1. your name, address, phone number in your proposal
2. nominee's current job
3. what person has done for the Human Rights leadership award?
4. documents that demonstrate his or her contributions

send away

GREAT PICKET, one of the best i've ever attended

see you guys next month
keep up the good work SP's




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