Toronto Picket Report, June 23, 2001. Henson Pickets Again.
24 Jun 2001
elrond1@home.com (Gregg)

Toronto Ontario

Close Range: Mike Argue, Kaeli, Zeratul, Gregg Hagglund
120 feet: Keith Henson, Dave Palter

Observers: Grammarian, DeepWog2

Flyer Count: 270

Duration 12:15 PM to 2 PM.

Hilights: Henson Safe,
Goon Squad in Hiding.

Toronto Ontario

This was the first picket of the local contingent of the ARSCC(wdne) since Keiths false arrest as a "dangerous pipe bomber" and Internationally Hunted Misdemeanant "hate criminal".

( At least according to the Scientology DDA Eliot Abelson of Hemet California.)

We arrived at 12:15 and set Keith and Dave up at 120 feet diagonally from the ORG.

Org staff under OT3 went into hiding and skulking mode. A back alley was utilized to scuttle in and out of the Org.

Police did not appear to respond to Scientology calls for assistance. Given recent events perhaps the Metro Toronto Police did not want to be manipulated further by Criminal Scientology lies, deceit and misinformation.

The only Org response was a forlorn counter picketing effort by an OT3 named J.G. Layton***. Layton is a third rater Goon Squad member, usually a bench warmer.

Layton started out by passing the libelous handout Al Buttnor or one of his stooges, manufactured years ago. However shortly thereafter a more senior org staff member stopped him. He was then only permitted to hand out the 'Free Movie' slips.

(Mr Layton once defamed me and sought to damage my wifes teaching career by participating in a libel write in campaign. Mr. Layton and five other OSA volunteer sacrificial lambs stuck their heads in a vice last year. The Toronto School Board lawyers put the squeeze on them and shut them up.)

We were at total cause, as usual, over the deadbeat Org.

It was just quieter and safer without the often foul mouthed, always lying Goonies. Especially safer without the brooding violence personified by rampant homophobe and Closet Queen (IMHO) Dan Bryenton.

They didn't even photograph or videotape us.

It is apparent the Org is attempting to appear as a long suffering victim, instead of the criminally convicted and still criminally active corporation they are.

They seem to forget the many hours of video and audio I have of the nasty antics of the Goons Squad. They also seem to forget the paper. video, audio and electronic trail of the Toronto Orgs current organized criminal efforts.

We ran through the last of my Xenu Flyers after and hour and half so we retired for chips and beverages of choice at the Artful Dodger.

The Dyke parade came down Yonge at about 3 PM.

If it was possible the Org appeared to cringe at the proximity of so many 'aberrate' SPs whom Hubbard would have "disposed of quietly and without sorrow."

I only had one regret for the day: no big Al Buttnor.

I wanted to ask Al about the false statement he sent to TALK TV last week for Keiths interview. The statement was read on camera for Al who could not be present as he was a risk to Refugee Henson's safety.

Buttnor's statement started out with whining about Keith and the usual outrageous attempt by Co$ shills to wrap themselves in the cloak of the suffering of the Jewish People. Buttnor went on to compare Keith to Ernst Zundel etc. Finally Al finished with the absolute lie that a baby was killed by a gun toting hatemonger critic who shot up the Portland Org. (It was a crazed ex-scn trying to get his money back. The baby was not harmed during the inexcusable violence of that day in Portland.)

I must say it takes some nerve to lie that big on a local TV show, even by proxy.

Or maybe Al is just too stupid to deviate from the OSA script.

We'll be back as we see fit.

"Evil Incompetent Financial Genius and Spiritualist"

Gregg Hagglund SP7
Free Toronto

***J.G. Layton
Layton Creations
128 Manville Rd. Unit 28
Scarborough, Ontario
M1L 4J5


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