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30 May 2001


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May 30,2001

Dear friends:

Greetings and best wishes from my new home in Mar Vista. This is a mid-year letter to family, friends, associates and acquaintances with details as to my new address. I apologize if you are already up to date on my news and developments in the fight against the world's most evil organization.

It is now 12 months since I parted ways with Lumin - oZ, which still owes me $28,000.00, and which seems to be still struggling to stem it's flood of red ink and investor money at an incredibly high "burn-rate." Since then, thanks to the church of scientology litigation juggernaut, I have lost and moved from my condominium in Santa Monica to a suite of rooms in my close friend Jane's new home in Mar Vista. Mar Vista borders Santa Monica to the north, Venice Beach to the west, and Culver City to the east and south. I am 10 minutes drive from my old address and now a 3 mile and 15 minute flat ride to the beach and the 26-mile bike path that runs the length of Santa Monica Bay and its beaches. Jane moved down from Marin County in County outside of San Francisco in Northern California in late February of this year.

In early February, I returned from a wonderful and memorable six week visit to my family in New Zealand was greeted by the Church of Scientology's seizure of my jeep in connection with the judgment fraudulently obtained against me by Scientology's "Rev." Barton (a one week, sometimes only several hour, course is all it takes to be a "minister" in the "Church" of Scientology). As the St. Petersburg Times (Tampa, Florida) editorial wrote yesterday morning: "Scientology is not like any religion we know."

The SP Times was commenting on last week's acquittal of former number two ranking church leader Jesse Prince. The church had hired private investigators to follow Prince everywhere. He was set up and charged with growing a solitary "pot" plant at the rear of his property. The scientology involvement and instigation of police and DA activity bothered the jury. And after the current chief of scientology's intelligence and covert operations office stated that church was out to get Prince because he is a "critic" of the church, the judge refused to grant the DA a retrial and dismissed the charges.

Meanwhile, last weekend in Toronto, Canada, a police swat team armed with Uzi submachine guns swept on Keith Henson and detained him for the weekend. Scientology had [mis] informed the police that Henson had entered Canada illegally and was armed and dangerous. Last month, in Hemet, California, Henson was convicted of a misdemeanor (max. penalty less than one year in prison. The misdemeanor was interfering with the practice of a religion (by picketing their heavily armed base in the desert). At the instigation of the church, and with clear misconduct between $500 per hour church retained attorneys and a senior employee of the County DA's office, Henson had been charged with misdemeanor terrorism.

The judge agreed with the prosecutor, and the high priced scientology national legal team behind him, and prevented any evidence of "Fair Game" or any other evidence of scientology administrative (not scriptural) policy regarding the harassment and destruction of Church of Scientology critics. Effectively, this prevented Henson's lawyer from putting on a proper defense. The church claimed its 750-staffer strong facility had to all go into hiding every time he was outside with a picket sign.

They claimed he might lob an ICBM or cruise missile over the fence! He was acquitted on that and a related charge. As well he should have been. They all hide whenever other critics and I myself picket there too. The real reason is because their brainwashed minds must not see the anti-scientology messages on our picket signs!

One of scientology's lawyers, ex Mafia and mobster attorney Elliot Abelson, Esq., was urging the maximum sentence for Henson because the 62-year-old grandfather- computer geek and a life long human rights activist is the most intimidating and dangerous man Abelson had ever met! (Right!) For advocating human rights and freedom of thought for a cult that denies both to its members and staffers! The church was also spreading unfounded rumors, through the appropriate prisons, that Henson is coming and that he is a child molester. Child molesters suffer terribly, and sometimes die, at the hands of fellow prisoners!

Henson lawfully went to Canada to picket the scientology facility in Toronto. While there, he was advised to seek asylum because of the breaches of, and threats to, his human rights here. That requires the Canadian External Affairs Department to request the US State Department to fully investigate the Henson prosecution and travesty in Riverside County, California. Late last year, another scientology critic was acquitted of assaulting a scientology "handler" [of scientology critics] in Illinois. Scientology lawyer Elliot Abelson had also visibly participated in the instigation and prosecution of this set up and abuse of process.

I have my own scientology-instigated trials coming up. In July, the same scientology minister, Barton, has a bankruptcy fraud allegation against me. The court has already denied their claim once. Scientology lawyers have also instigated State Bar proceedings against me. For years a number of people, including lawyers, have been convinced that the church had infiltrated the State Bar Disciplinary process and this seems to confirm it. Particularly, because the State Bar has already stated that the church of scientology attorneys has done no wrong, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Dozens of people, knowledgeable about the cult and its antics, have written the State Bar urging an independent public investigation of what has happened. One of the local law enforcement agencies has opened its own investigation into these attorneys and awaits assistance from me. Similarly, I have an opportunity to brief certain senior officials in Washington, DC. on the seven year Church of Scientology operation against me. Now that I have completed moving, unpacking and combining three households, I can get on with preparing to defend myself and to assist law enforcement in investigating the cult's activities against me.

In addition to those two immediate agenda items, I have a plateful of other projects to consume me for the rest of the year. In February, the church sponsored and litigated Hurtado v. Berry lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed in State Court where Hurtado was suing me for $10M on a clearly perjured and baseless allegation of sexual assault and legal malpractice. A federal judge has recently ordered the church's attorneys to file a motion to dismiss the same lawsuit there. Hurtado is now in jail. I must now find appropriate attorneys to file a malicious prosecution case on my behalf. In addition, I am about to prepare my own State Bar proceedings against those scientology attorneys who have been harassing me and against whom we now have corroborated evidence of criminal activity being used in the process (or, more correctly, the abuse of process).

A scientologist by the name of Slatkin has recently been arrested in connection with a $650 million stock market investment "ponzi" scheme. It is likely to engender a lot of bad publicity for the church, which has an extensive history of involvement in financial fraud. A trial of a group of scientologists is proceeding in Spain. The government is seeking a sixty-year prison term against the President of the Church of Scientology International, for fraud! Similarly, the Tom Cruise- Nicole Kidman divorce is causing more problems for scientology.

I believe that the church ordered the divorce, which has all of the hallmarks of a "scientology handling." In refusing to "convert" to scientology, Nicole had become an enemy ("potential trouble source" or "PTS"). She is close to her parents and refused to "disconnect " from them even though they are both mental health professionals. The Church of Scientology has an operation to destroy the mental health profession and a related "front" group named "The Citizen's Commission for Human Rights" ("CCHR").

They regularly set out on "psych-busting" projects. Often they set up "pyschs" on patient malpractice, sexual abuse and other contrived misdeeds. With Travolta's star dimmed, Tom ("TC") was needed back in the church's PR limelight - but not with PTS Nicole. However, that has backfired.

Recently, the United States, for the first time ever, was voted off the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. The obvious reason has not been published here. The European governments have been quietly angry at the United States for threatening trade sanctions against Sweden and Germany for not recognizing and protecting the Church of Scientology's religious scriptures as trade secrets and not recognizing scientology as a legitimate church qualifying for tax exempt status, particularly with the well-documented and extensive record of human rights abuses by the church against its own members and critics. They are mystified at the State Department and Department of Commerce becoming punishment and expansion tools of the Church of Scientology.

To learn more of the Church of Scientology's atrocities against members, staffers and critics, go to the Internet and search:

www.primenet.com ,

For the first time in three years, I have all of my scientology research and materials files readily available. Now the scanning project, and the web site presence, and the book writing, can also proceed. Indeed, there is so much to do, with so little money, and in so little time, that it is going to be a very busy, exciting and hopefully successful summer. Indeed, I am typing this out on the grass under a shady tree. Moving from my condo of 12 years, to a renovated two-story house with front and rear yard, has many benefits and changes. Now I have yard work to do, gardens to tend and water, outdoor chores and a house to tend. I am now 25 months sober and still doing just fine without the expense of liquor and hangovers!

My new contact information is at the head of this letter. In the meantime, please have my best wishes and may God bless you.

Sincerely and warmly,

Graham Berry


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