SD Clamarama part Doo 22 July 2001
22 Jul 2001

Today I was joined by the eevil SP David Rice in our quest to bring order to this quadrant of the universe. Our wonderful Scientology infestation began before we'd even left the driveway. We were out front waiting for a cab, and a tannish-gray van cruised up and stopped in the middle of the intersection by my house. While I was watching this blatant stupidity, the driver took our picture and drove off! We did not see him come by again, the cab came, and we were on our way to Day II of the ComiCon. We set up where we'd picketed yesterday.

One of our first customers was "Smiley," the guy who'd shadowed us yesterday. I can now confirm that it is the same guy who photographed us and David's truck at Gold Base, he dyed his hair and it's not an improvement! I recognised him by his teeth, which look fake. He wasn't wearing his "Corn of many lands" T-shirt this time. He traded us a crumpled up printout of David's DA page, as seen on www.religiousfreedomwatch.org for a Xenu flier. How many Xenu fliers do those guys have by now, I wonder!

This time, we didn't have our watchers in place. Smiley was off doing whatever OSA goons do when they're not filming human rights activists, and Xenu went like hotcakes! As before, we had some interesting conversations with passersby. One older gent told us he had worked with a Scientology spy in an IRS office! I would have liked to speak with him longer. We received lots of thumbs up, many people turned down our fliers because they already knew that Scientology sucks! Many people approached us and asked for fliers, and we gave the curious the quick Scientology in a clamshell rundown.

At one point a security guard came down to see what we were doing, but didn't give us any trouble. It seems that Smiley objected to our presence there and made his displeasure known. A few of the younger crowd were downright enthusiastic about asking about Xenu inside! We even met a friend of Keith Henson, who's name completely escapes me now. Apparently he worked with Keith, and said to wish him the best.

Just before we broke for lunch, we had a fairly long chat with a guy who has an online zine. I got his email addy and promised to write up some tales of picketing Scientology for him. He got a wee taste of what's in store, when David and I decided to get a bite at the Tin Fish. I had packed up the few remaining fliers in my backpack and turned my sign around so they wouldn't think we were soliciting on Convention Center property. Our zine publisher friend was in a cluster of folks up the sidewalk in the direction we wanted to go.

As we started onto Convention Center property, we were stopped by a security guard who said we could not walk through. Disgusted, I was willing to walk around, as I could see Smiley preparing to get tape of us being hassled. David wasn't having any. "Who says?" he asked the guard, who must have been all of 20 years old if that.

"He does," said the guard, pointing at Smiley.

"But that guy is an employee of Scientology!" I argued. "He has no authority here!"

He went over and spoke to Smiley. It seems the creep objected to our signs (reversed) our fliers (packed up) and our T-shirts (Scientology Kills!)

This junior dork in training had been told by Smiley that we were criminals and should not be allowed on the property! Worse, he was willing to take orders from this aging rent-a-clam with a bad dye job! A real security guard was called, and I pointed out that we were not soliciting, wished to pass through, had been protesting Scientology abuses, and moreover, the complainant was either hired by or in Scientology!

"You can pass," she motioned us through. We gave Smiley the thumb to the nose gesture for the camera as we strutted past, and I threw in an extra gesture for free!

We handed out more fliers on the restaurant patio, and I was watching for our lying watchclammie to shadow us some more. I had the foresight to bring my Russian Army Pocket Binoculars, and I spied him over by the Hilton Hotel where our shadow had stuck yesterday. He may not have seen us, as he continued on up Fifth Avenue, probably thinking we were embarked on a stealth picket as we reported doing last year.

Caught a cab back home, no sign of Smiley on the ride back or here. David stayed to watch Invader Zim, then he hit the road with plans for Ensenada if followed.

Our day was full of life, and goo...mission goo! Mission was accomplished, and no clams were harmed in its execution.

What manner of horrible enturbulation lies in the very near future? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid Clam-animals! You'll just have to wait and see!

This is true.
Chaplain, ARSCC
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"Every week, every month, every year, every decade and now every century, Scientology does weird and stupid things to damage its own reputation." -Steve Zadarnowski

"Comparing Scientology to a motorcycle gang is a gross, unpardonable insult to bikers everywhere. Even at our worst, we are never as bad as Scientology." -ex-member, Thunderclouds motorcycle "club"


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