Picket Report Toronto 08/11/2001
12 Aug 2001
"Android Cat" <androidcat99@hotmail.com>

Present: Keith Henson, Kim, Kaeli, Zeratul Cat, Slippery Jim, AL (I know her name, but not her alias), Nan, and myself.

Flyers: Lots.
Forgot to call EV. Sorry.

I missed the start of the picket (buses were slow due to "A Taste of Danforth" -- if in Toronto, do not miss! Or your taste BTs will hate you forever. I arrived slightly after 1 am, got a sign, got flyers. Immediately I was involved a debate with Mario, with an audience of one. Mario is the mission holder for the Dianetics Centre. Street theatre at its best.

There wasn't much in the way of handling: Mario, and Ms. Coke Bottle. There was "the black dude", shaved head, jewerlery. Apparently he's been following people around.

Of course there was no rain.

By 2:30pm, we were running low on flyers, so we called it. Large numbers of conversations followed over fries and club sandwiches.

I did apologise to Mario for the unannounced pickets. He stated that "he'd pay more attention if he thought I was a human being." (Or very close to that.) Walk away, Elron has left the planet.

Ron of that ilk.


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