Toronto Picket report 11 August 2001
12 Aug 2001

Picketers: Android Cat, Slippery Jim, yduzitmatter, Kaeli, Zeratul, Nan McLean, and special guest: Arel Lucas.

110 ft: Keith Henson.

Time: 1pm.

We met yduzitmatter (Kim P.) at Union Station at 10 o'clock, and we set off to have coffee at the Starbucks. We met with Slippery Jim, then Keith and Arel came into the Starbucks as well.

At that point (around 12:45pm) we retrieved our signs and leaflets and proceeded to walk to the Org. Keith stood 110 ft north of the Org, while the rest of us proceeded on to the Org.

As we approached and began picketing, Zeratul said he could hear Mario saying, "Damn! Damn! Damn!" It was noticed they were on the phones as well during this time period as well, on both land and cell-lines. One of the handlers standing outside, who has a shaven head and was quite tall, asked me what happened to my wrists. I didn't answer, and just kept walking.

Android Cat joined us, and about 20 minutes later, Nan McLean joined in as well.

At one point, it was noticed that a passer by was taking pictures of the Org itself and even of the one taking pictures of us. Mario yelled at him something about contacting his boss or something to that effect.

Then he turned to both me and yduzitmatter, and yelled at us to "do something about him." Both of us answered back with, "I have no idea who he was, and he isn't with us." He mumbled something like "sure, yeah right.." and I re-affirmed the comment with: "Sorry, I *really* have no idea who he is."

At one point, the shaven headed man was speaking on his cell phone, using the word "jail" very loudly. At another picket, Mario was also holding up white pieces of paper written out in blue ink, and one of the words they had was the word "jail."

I assumed most likely they were button pushing, and attempting to get a response from us.

Other than that and yduzitmatter's description of the man on the bicycle speaking with Android Cat, it was a quiet, uneventful picket, with the Org playing music from one of their CDs.. not sure which one it was, but the music sounded good, if you don't listen to the lyrics :)

I believe near the end of the picket, Android Cat apologized to Mario for the un-announced pickets of the Toronto ARSCC (wdnee) and Mario replied back (paraphrased) "I would think that apology is genuine, if you were human."

At 2:45pm, we called it a day. I said "Laters" to the body-routers at the Org, and one of them responded back with, "See you later." We then proceeded to the Artful Dodger for refreshments, until it was time to take yduzitmatter back to Union Station for the train ride back home.

All in all, a quiet picket, and the weather was sunny and warm without the humidity of the last week.



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