Picket Report 2001/aug/25LONDON (UK), "What is Scientology"
26 Aug 2001
Dave Bird <dave@xemu.demon.co.uk>

Picket Report 2001/aug/25 LONDON (UK), "What is Scientology"


The What-Is-Scientology exhibition runs for over two weeks, and a bunch of us went to do a second picket this second Saturday of the exhibition. In all there was me (Dave), Jens, Hartley, Peter Lucey, a mystery picketer from ARS, and Roland R-B. I had a nice journey and arrived full of energy at the rendezvous. 1pm we moved out and took our spot by the Guild Hall; a minor difference, the alleyway itself was blocked off with a crane hauling portacabins onto the roof of the conference centre.

Scientology's band the Jive Aces was churning out chunga-chunga jazz at a somewhat reduced volume and, glory halleliuyah, no trombone player in the line-up (the trombone player was the barmpot who damn near assaulted one of our people last time). The policewoman on that beat came over and checked us out, all very friendly; we were damn lucky to get any cover, as it was carnival weekend. We had the boom box set up by the railings, I felt a bit pressured having to keep up a steady stream of slogans and chants etc for the full 2 1/2 hours as both John and Martin, who substituted last time, were missing. Lots of nice Xemu Loves You helium balloons for the kids were given out -- Peter was well impressed with the design.

Everything was very tranquil where we were, but Hartley acquired a cluster of four clams or barnacles -- it takes about 4 cultists to add up to the IQ of one critic -- before Jens went over to rescue him. After three O'clock the two twits, they grey haired guy and the plump woman, came over and started trying a few of their old tricks, but with little enthusiasm. They tried to park the blue 'Dianetics' bus in front of us, on a double yellow line, but decided to move on even before police came to move them on.

Other than that, it was all pretty routine. Two of us have done three demos in August, and many of the others done two of the three, so we'll take a break for a bit before the next one.

                                                  .:;;;;;;' (  ))
                             Westminster        .;;;;;;;;'   \//
                                  ==0==         ;;;;;;;;;   wheel
                        ----+ +---+ +----------/         \
                            | |PSq| |Parliament|:::::::::
                            | |___| |           '::::::::.
                    Middx  /  ____               .::::::::'
                    Guild  | |**
                ____Hall__#| |*Westminster
       --      ::::QE2:::+| |*Abbey
                ::::ConfCt:| |**
                Westminster| |**
                CentralHall| Broad
                           | Sanctuary
                          / /
                        |/_victoria rail

  All in all, we had another Grand Day Out.

               .'  '.       "OUR GRAND DAY OUT"
              :      :
              | _  _ |     cracking clams, grommit!
           .-.|(o)(o)|.-.        _._          _._
-- -------( ( | .--. | ) )-----.',_ '.------.' _,'.-----------
           '-/ (    ) \-'     / /' `\ \ __ / /' `\ \
            /   '--'   \     /.'     \.'  './     '.\
            \ `"===="` /     `       : _  _ :       `
             `\      /'              |(o)(o)|
               `\  /'                |      |       http://www.
               /`-.-`\_             /        \   xemu.demon.co.uk
         _..:;\._/V\_./:;.._       /   .--.   \
       .'/;:;:;\ /^\ /:;:;:\'.     |  (    )  |
      / /;:;:;:;\| |/:;:;:;:\ \    _\  '--'  /__
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