Toronto Picket Report --September 8, 2001
08 Sep 2001
Kaeli <kaeli@klis.com>

Picketers: Gregg, yduzitmatter, Kaeli, Zeratul 110 ft away: Keith and other picketer (not sure if can name) **First announced picket of 2001 for the Toronto ARSCC (wdnee) yduzitmatter, Zeratul and I met at our usual location, and met with Keith, Gregg and the other picketer.

Keith informed us that the Scientologists were not so scared of Keith after all.. to the point that one walked up to him and called him a "bum."

After which, we retrieved our signs and commenced the picket. In the morning, around 10:15am, they had their table and free stress test sign outside, complete with a video camera. One body-router handed out the same old DA flyers.

We picketed for about an hour or so before needing to break for lunch. While picketing, we noticed the amount of broken windows on the St Mary Street side and the amount of paper piled very high in the windows. yduzitmatter commented that this could possibly be a fire hazard. Also during the picket, we had quite a few horns honked us for support.

While we were at lunch, we were visited by the infamous Peter "clamsay" Ramsay. Gregg asked him if his lawyer had gotten in touch with him regarding the trademark infringement, and Mr. Ramsay walked away. Also during our lunch: in front of the shop next door to the Org, someone collapsed from heat exhaustion... this meant that it was extremely hot, with the sun beating down. We went and got some water and continued picketing, however, the heat forced us to end our picket early. The afternoon crew consisting of George, Mario and several other body routers were present as well. Not too many words were exchanged.. we noticed that Mr. Ramsay was standing on the St. Mary side of the Org, and at one point, greeted Zeratul who refused to respond to him in any way.

Added note: there was a police officer across the street from the Org, rather than near the Org door itself. Other than that, it was a quiet, uneventful picket. No goon squad, except for Mr. Ramsay, who preferred to stay far away from us while Gregg was quoting parts of OT 3.



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