Toronto ARSCC (wdne,eh) Picket Report September 22, 2001
24 Sep 2001
Kaeli <kaeli@klis.com>

Picketers: At the bOrg: Gregg Hagglund and Zeratul

110 ft away: Keith Henson, the Unnamed One.

ARSCC photographer: Kaeli

We arrived at our meeting location at 12:30. After 20 minutes of enjoying coffee, we headed over to pick up our signs and fliers and headed over to the designated picket areas.. Keith and the Unnamed One 110 ft away, and Gregg, Zeratul and I at the bOrg.

I volunteered to take pictures this time, and to perhaps keep an eye out for the Issac Hayes-lookalike, aka Mr Jewelry, who had stalked yduzitmatter at her home.

Today it was quiet. No one came out to counter picket, hand out fliers. Even the Isaac Hayes look-alike did not come outside. It was noticed that for one: there appeared to be a convention ongoing inside the Toronto Org. Zeratul observed many of them were French-speaking (from Quebec?).

It was fairly easy to know who were the convention members. They wore bright yellow name tags on their clothes, although I could not get close enough to read what these bright yellow tags said, as they were leaving through a side door.

From what I understood, Peter Ramsay was also among a group of Scientologists smoking outside. Gregg called out, "let's read out OT 3" and Peter Ramsay went right back inside immediately.

I was walking back and forth between the Org and Keith's area.

A woman, inside the Org, wearing a black T-shirt that read: "Keep psychiatry out of our schools" had a camera and while she would not come out, I noticed that she was taking pictures of us from *inside* the Org. She was thin, with long wavy dark brown hair.

At the end of the picket, we joined Keith and the Unnamed One 110 ft away from the Org. We were all speaking to various people about the CoS, including informing that Scientology had taken on the name of the NMHA and were attempting to pass themselves as "mental health consultants" in the NYC disaster area and to grieving families of the victims.

Added report: one of the passers-by mentioned to Keith, that after he spoke to him, a stranger approached him and said, "You are aware that he is in a fight with Immigration right?" The person answered that he was fully aware and kept on walking.

After fifteen minutes of speaking to passersby on the street, we decided to end the picket and head for lunch.

A quiet day. No counter picketing. Convention appeared to be in progress, with members wearing bright yellow tags. The bOrg, as per DM's orders, are to cower in fear from Keith, who is standing 110 ft away.



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