Toronto picket report Sunday
01 Oct 2001
hkhenson@home.com (Keith Henson)

Sigh, I am late with this report and missed the WIR deadline.

Well, it was not much of a picket anyway. Gregg and I were in Toronto for other reasons Sunday. so the org got a 35 minute picket with me 110 feet up the street and Gregg right in front of the org.

The only thing of any note was a citizen who brought his teen age daughter by to go inside the org for a class project. Gregg was more than a bit upset with the guy not having the slightest idea of what scientology was about and what he was subjecting his daughter too. After a few minutes of bringing him up to date on the subject the somewhat horrified guy accepted an Xenu flyer and did get his daughter back.

It was a light morning for pedestrian traffic. Still, between us I estimate we gave out 75 flyers.

No cameras even. Keith Henson


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