Toronto picket Oct. 13.
14 Oct 2001
hkhenson@home.com (Keith Henson)

A short report on the ninth picket in Toronto since June. About 1.5 hours starting at 1 pm. Gregg reported that a woman threatened to have him arrested if he picketed in front of the "chapel" because about 7 long term members were hiding there. Gregg continued to picket and told them to go for it. No cops came by. As usual I plus an unknown person were across the street. We had the usual collection of people coming by to tell their scientology stories and among us we gave away about 200 Xenu flyers.

Picketing here has been much less exciting since the Toronto org was ordered into hiding by OSA. Gregg is pleased that the local goon squad has been assigned to to other duties.

Keith Henson


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