Not quite picket report Copenhagen, 22 Oct 2001
22 Oct 2001
catarina@pamnell.com (Catarina Pamnell)

Birgitta, Ake Wiman and myself had some interesting errands on Danish soil today. I will not go into detail about our morning activities, but later in the afternoon we decided to make a quick stop by the AOSH EU at Jernbanegade and see how everyone was doing.

It looked pretty much the same as usual. A bunch of staff members had gathered in the yard, but I didn't ask why. Ake went inside to get some copies of recent Freedom mag issues (the EvilPsychConspiracy has taken over the Christian newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad, just so you all know)

Then Ake started to hand out fliers. Bid and myself kept an eye on things. We saw some familiar faces, one of our old security guard friends and a woman I also recognized, Erik (who went off to "handle" Ake across the street), and after a while "Gilbert" came up to me and Bid.

Gilbert is a charming French-sounding gentleman, who claims to have been on the same OSA training course in LA as Bid in the 1980s (she doesn't remember him though). He had talked to her very briefly when we were in Copenhagen with Gerry Armstrong last May, and since Bid had a good theta power day today, she made him come out of the org again this time so she got to talk some more with him. It was pretty much the standard conversation you have with OSA people in civil mode, but I don't think Bid minded - she actually seemed to enjoy his company quite a bit. ;-) (Since Gilbert claims to not read ARS, it doesn't matter that I reveal this)

Our talk with handsome Gilbert prevented us girls from further entheta activities, and poor Ake had to carry the entire load, handing out fliers while keeping up a conversation with Erik. Just as we went to pick up Ake to go to dinner, OSA PR EU (if that's still her post) Gaetane Asselin turned up - we had not seen her in quite a while so Ake gave her a friendly hug. As Erik didn't want to agree to Ake's suggestion that we all go to the org for coffee, we said goodbye and got on our way (with a little Sea Orgerette trailing behind us for a while)

Soon Ake left as he had an SP meeting to attend, while Bid and I had more important things to take care of - shopping clothes! To be a Wog(TM) has some pluspoints. :-) Bid spent the equivalent of several months of Sea Org pay - could it have something to do with that Frenchman...?

After yet another OSA rendezvous, Bid drove us out of Copenhagen in a fascinating manner - we seemed to be lost at least ten times, but miraculously ended up in the right places anyway - and topped it off by getting us onboard a ferry that was supposed to have left already, which spared us a very boring half hour wait.

(I have tried to get Bid to reveal what is the secret of her special powers, but she just mumbles something inaudible about her cats... )



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