Another Toronto Picket
20 Oct 2001
hkhenson@home.com (Keith Henson)

Just got back from another picket. It was Kaeli, Zeratul, Gregg and me plus we had a mystery guest (from Europe) taping the our protest. We picketed from about 1 to 2:30 then wondered off for a late lunch.

As usual I was up the street a ways. It may be the last time this year I can wear my Scientology Kills tee shirt because of the weather. Flyer distribution was brisk, I ran through 125 or so. Several people stopped to talk.

The cult hid as usual, though some of the usual suspects were seen.

The orders from the cult's headquarters for them to hide gives the picketers an easy time of picketing.

Our demonstration was interrupted for a while by a "stop the bombing" demonstration, anti Israeli, pro taliban. Oddly there were a bunch of skinheads white supremacist involved. There might have been about 500 of them. The rally came up the street next to the org and was stopped by some cops on horses from spilling out on Yonge street.

This makes the tenth picket since I got out of jail here, and the 13th since I came to Canada.

There are more pickets planned.

Keith Henson


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