Picket report Toronto Nov. 3
04 Nov 2001
yduzitmatter <yduzitmatter@sympatico.ca>

Hi my name is Tasha and on Saturday I went on my first picket. I was very nervous as I have not done this before. Toronto downtown is very busy. Lots of people stopped to talk about Scientology and ask for a flier. I saw 6 police officers come because the scientologists got scared because there were picketers in front of the scientology building.

I was staying mostly with Keith.
I held a sign that said
science fiction,
science fantasy,
science fraud

It was kind of cool outside. I was surprised to see the Org and how ugly it looked. There were broken windows in the building. Some people honked their horns at us. I think they were glad we were picketing.

I liked meeting Keith Henson and learning more about Scientology . Seeing 6 police officers come was kinda scary. But we were not breaking any laws so we kept picketing until we ran out of fliers. We went to lunch after and had some more interesting conversation.



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