Non-Picket: Toronto ARSCC (wdne, eh?)-November 10,2001
11 Nov 2001
Kaeli <kaeli@klis.com>

Picketers: Gregg, Android Cat, Zeratul
110 ft away: Keith and two other picketers
Observer: Kaeli

Since I am side-lined from picketing, I decided to watch this time round. For a long time, I watched, and mostly stayed around Zeratul or Gregg.

Due to the nature of the reason as to why I was not picketing, I was subject to a number of stares and even laughter from the staff inside of the Org itself.

I decided to walk across the street to obtain what I needed from a store in the area, and while I walked past Keith and the other picketers, I mentioned to Keith that there was a woman following me with a camera. There was a group of young boys with skateboards surrounding Keith at the time, and they heard me complaining about her as well.

What made me extremely nervous was that this woman was deliberately following me, knowing I could not run from her due to a temporary disability, which was the reason why I was unable to picket. I continued to walk on to the unknown picketer, and mentioned to him as well that I was being followed for absolutely no reason at all.

As she snuck up behind me with the camera, I saw her and she began laughing. I was quite short tempered, and told her off in no uncertain terms. She walked off very quickly towards Keith. I'm quite sure her mother would be proud of her for deliberately terrorizing and laughing at a disabled woman. I turned back towards Keith and called out, "Hey, Keith, that's the lady who was following me." She was less than 10 ft away from Keith (haha, so much for being scared! LOL.. she was from the Toronto Org) and brandishing her camera.

The crowd of boys, who were still surrounding Keith, jumped in front of her camera and started calling her "Xenu lover" She then left again, further up the street.

When I thought she was gone, I continued walking towards the store, but then saw her again standing across the street, holding her camera up at Gregg. The crowd of boys at this point were at the Org itself. Zeratul told me that he had warned them about her, and they again, started calling her "Xenu lover" . She left rather quickly again and went inside the Org.

When I came out of the store, the picket was over. I joined Zeratul and the others.

End of the non picket report.



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