Picket report, Gold Base Nov 2001
24 Nov 2001

Picket, Gold Base, November 21, 2001

Picketers: Kaeli, Zeratul, phr, Barb, Richard
Culties: one guy on a bicycle and a disembodied voice

Kaeli, Zeratul, phr and I met Richard at Ida's place, where we gathered sinisterly before our picket. My hate page accuses me of attending gatherings at Ida's, and here's the proof. We gathered, and took Ida out to lunch at this nice Mexican place in Hemet. Her neighbor told us later that we'd been followed by a green vehicle on our way to the restaurant. One odd thing there at the table; both Kaeli and I heard a cook behind the grill say OSA. Since he was hispanic, he might have said, "esposa" and been talking about his wife. We both heard OSA quite clearly, though. But the context was wrong, people generally aren't laughing and happy when OSA is mentioned. And lots of words in Spanish end with osa, so it was probably nothing.

When we arrived at Gold, we first did a photo op drive through so the Torontulas could get some pix. Kaeli was in her foot cast, so she stayed with the car. Richard gave her one of a walkie-talkie set so we could keep in touch, but we didn't walk too far from her. She was, however, gimping around in a threateningly suppressive manner.

We went on up the road with our signs. It was pretty quiet behind the razor wire, I did spot a couple of uniformed Sea Ogres and a few other personnel wandering around while there.

Those killjoy culties have replaced the rotating camera by the guardhouse with a stationary one. Now we can't play "who do the clams love the most" when we get to that point. We used to split up and see who the camera followed.

Up near the guardhouse, we noticed an anomoly on the road back by the car. A bicyclist, out in the middle of nowhere, was approaching Kaeli. As he pedalled past her, he greeted her, but she ignored him. He then went into Gold Base. One of "them!"

We crossed the highway near the guard shack. There's a driveway and gate there that leads to the base on the east side of the highway. Richard walked up to the gate, and the intercom came to life.

"Hey, Dick," a disembodied voice said, "You're tresspassing! The sheriff is on his way!"

This cracked Richard up. Ken Hoden is the only guy who refers to Richard as "Dick." I'm sure he was called to action as soon as their rovers picked us up at Ida's, and was stuck on intercom duty. We were going to leave when we got back to the car, but decided to stick around for the sheriff. He never showed. Surely Hoden wouldn't LIE??? He's ecclesiASStickle, for chrissake!

We had plenty of honks, waves, and thumbs-up from motorists. My favorite was the 18 wheeler and his airhorn who let it roar all the way to the guard shack!

Following our picket, we returned to gather darkly at Ida's, where we became infested with suppressive snickerdoodles.

This is true,

Chaplain, ARSCC

"Every week, every month, every year, every decade and now every century, Scientology does weird and stupid things to damage its own reputation." -Steve Zadarnowski

"Comparing Scientology to a motorcycle gang is a gross, unpardonable insult to bikers everywhere. Even at our worst, we are never as bad as Scientology." -ex-member, Thunderclouds motorcycle "club"

"$cientology sees the world this way: One man with a picket sign: terrorism. Five thousand people dead in a deliberate inferno: business opportunity.

$cientology oozes _under_ terrorists to hide." -Chris Leithiser


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