Picket: Veteran's Day parade Nov. 10 2001
24 Nov 2001

KR Catchup: Veteran's Day Parade, Nov. 10

Demonstrators: Richard of Rivercide and Barb
Fliers: Ron the War Zero

This is a short one. We arrived just before the parade started in San Diego. My small sign, PHONY WAR HERO EXPOSED! attracted a lot of attention. This was an occasion where people requested fliers, although some folks gave them back when they found out it was about L. Ron Hubbard. "Oh, him," they said.

The parade ended while Richard was off feeding the parking meter, but when the bleachers emptied, I gave out a lot more fliers as folks climbed down. We handed out a lot of fliers to veterans, but also to a number of active duty personnel, including some officers who should be very interested.

After the parade ended, we discovered that Richard does not like steak and kidney pie.

This is true...
Chaplain, ARSCC

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"$cientology sees the world this way: One man with a picket sign: terrorism. Five thousand people dead in a deliberate inferno: business opportunity.

$cientology oozes _under_ terrorists to hide." -Chris Leithiser


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