Echoing Silence of Hypocrisy
23 Nov 2001
nobody@acapulco.dhs.org (Thomas Franklin)

Echoing Silence of Hypocrisy

Evidence is a burden to the bigot. It is an encumbrance and a stumbling block. It is not a useful thing of justice, but an annoying interruption in the rush to hatred.

Evidence is overwhelming that three tax and probate attorneys who are not Scientologists, using only the money of Scientologists, and hiding behind L. Ron Hubbard's name--which they have stolen--are the people who have been behind every atrocity, every private investigator, every law suit, every harrassment, every crime committed in the name of "Scientology" or "L. Ron Hubbard" for at least two decades and probably three.

Sherman Lenske. Stephen Lenske. Lawrence E. Heller. Names of infamy.

They hid behind their desks as Lisa McPherson died.

They hid behind their desks as the homes of Lerma, Wollersheim, Penny, and Erlich were hammered in and raided on their instruction.

They hid behind their desks and sent thousands of innocents to the ignomy and degradation of their own "Rehabilitation Project Force" in order to hide their own crimes.

They hid behind their desks and stole the copyrights and trademarks of Scientology to use for their own obscene profit.

They hid behind their desks and manipulated the kidnapping of L. Ron Hubbard.

They hid behind their desks with their fellow in crime, IRS "official" Meade Emory, sent Mary Sue Hubbard to prison, and reduced the Guardians Office to smoke and rubble.

They hid behind their desks and expelled the brightest and the best and most compassionate and decent auditors, instructors, counselors, chaplains, field staff members, and Mission holders.

They hid behind their desks and nullified the beneficial policies and instructions of L. Ron Hubbard, supplanting his works with the Internal Revenue Code and with their _own_ destructive writings and orders, using _those_ to perpetrate their unspeakable crimes.

They hid behind their desks and sent out their self-created "Finance Police" to terrorize and extort millions of dollars from innocents.

No reasoning human being, no human being of compassion, no human being with any vestige of a sense of fairness and desire for justice can turn their face from these facts and evidences of the most seditious and heinous of crimes and immorality, and of the three men who have instigated them--non-Scientologists all. Yet there is only the echoing silence of hypocrisy.

With what clamor, with what venom, with what oceans of invective have these offenses been decried and vilified and picketed when the finger could be pointed by liars at one lone "Scientologist," a patsy, a fall-guy--himself no Scientologist, himself a sycophant, himself a thief only too eager to accept stolen power handed him, yet too ignorant to understand even the most fundamental and decent principles of the philosophy, and no more capable of the complex and premeditated crimes--and the intricate legal chicanery necessary to effect them--than a toddler. The very world shook with the outrage and accusations and hatred of critics of Scientology when that lone miscreant could be held up and waved as a pathetic effigy to falsely represent L. Ron Hubbard and all of Scientology and all Scientologists everywhere. Then the roaring mobs screamed for blood.

Yet now that the truth is known, now that the finger of blind Justice turns to point accusingly at three non-Scientologists--the new Unholy Triumvirate that pales Danton, Marat, and Robspierre with their new Reign of Terror--where _now_ is the hue and cry? Where _now_ are the "critics" of Scientology when they learn that the perpetrators are _not_ Scientologists, but their own? Where have they scurried to? In what holes do they hide? Why do they stand mute? Why do they not clamor for the heads of Lenske, Lenske & Heller as they have for the head of David Miscavige for decades? The streets are suddenly empty. The halls are suddenly silent. The voices of outrage are suddenly stilled. Where are these critical voices when the evidence is in, when the guilty are known, when the verdict must be read against their own?

Why is there only the echoing silence of hypocrisy?

Thomas Franklin


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