Vancouver Celebrity Picket 11-28-2001
29 Nov 2001
Caroline Letkeman <carolinel@telus.net>

November 28, 2001

Picketing Celebrity: "Bogie" Boudewijn (Bow-dhe-wine) van Ingen (Visiting Canada from The Hague, Holland) Accompanied by Gerry Armstrong and Caroline Letkeman.

Weather: Rainy! And cold. But celebrity picketers are no fair-weather picketers, and so with much bravado and wet weather gear, everything worked out very well indeed.

We arrived at the Vancouver organization about 11:05 a.m.; picketed for about 45 minutes and then we took a warm-up break at a coffee shop nearby. Returned to picket for another hour or so. Stats: Bogie was really upstat and distributed 47 flyers. We used the flyer at http://www.xenu.net/archive/leaflet/Xenu-Letter.pdf Thank you xenu.net and Roland (?). We also gave out copies of my Demand for Refund letter to David Miscavige.

Numerous camera flashes were observed coming from across the street and also from inside the organization. People were seen taking pictures from inside the organization's building-hiding in desecration pose behind Hubbard's bust.

Within a few minutes of our arrival, a young woman came by who said she was from Simon Fraser University and was doing a story on public protests. She took our pictures and accepted a flyer.

Two people, who were quite green, took a Xenu flyer on exiting the org. Wogs saved at least $600,000 today! Hurray!

Near the beginning of the picket, a young man came out the front door of the scn building. He had a bottle of Windex and a rag and gave a couple of squirts to a little smudge on one of the display windows at the organization's entrance. We had all been discussing the fire hose tech that scn had used in Amsterdam when both Bogie and Gerry picketed there last May.

http://www.b-org.demon.nl/scn/nl/akties/hose-tech-picket-1.html In Vancouver, all we got was a little Windex tech. Boo! (I'll also post to a.b.s. better photos of hose tech in action; these can be added to the Amsterdam picket web site if desired.)

He then came over to where I was standing and said, "You look familiar to me." So started a brief query that Scientologists sometimes go through when they imagine having met someone before, whereby I listed the various organizations where I had been and when. (Orgs and dates also given in my Demand for Refund letter.) He provided similar information, stating that he had never been to Flag and never been to AOLA and had never left Vancouver. He said that he had been on his post for 6 years. I asked him what his name was, and he supplied, "James." When I asked for his full name, he said, "Wood." I gave him my name, Caroline Letkeman and said that because I had left Vancouver in 1978 our paths had never crossed.

Gerry knew James Wood, if that's his name, from earlier pickets with Martin Hunt. Martin had known James when Martin was in the Vancouver org. Gerry said to him that, "One would think that the most ethical organization in the world would send someone out to respond to her [my] demand." There seemed to be an acknowledgement from James that indeed someone should come out and discuss the issues I raise on my picket sign. Gerry said, "They know who she is [I am] -she e-mailed and sent them snail mail copies of her demand." James said that he handles all the e-mail and he would have seen it if it had come in, but that he hadn't seen it. I had been handing out copies of the demand letter as a flyer, and so I gave him a copy too.

I have since checked and confirmed that the e-mail address I used to transmit the demand letter electronically is identical to the contact address at http://www.scientology-vancouver.org

Maybe now would be a good time to comment on this-when I went to verify the e-mail address for the Vancouver organization, I noticed on their web site that they promote Sunday services!

From: http://www.scientology-vancouver.org/introsrv.htm#sunday 2001 Church of Scientology of British Columbia.

<start fair use quote

Attend a service that can help you to move past fears, anxiety and
depression and confidently face the future, Sunday at 10:30.
Practical help for the human spirit.
Contact us at: churchofscientologyvancouver@telus.net.

<end quote

With regard to the question of whether Sunday service is a service as other services are understood, the claim that it can help you to move past fears, anxiety and depression and confidently face the future is exactly what is claimed of the highest priced "service" any of the "churches" have to offer. Is there anyone who is saying that auditing causes you to **not** move past fears, anxiety and depression and confidently face the future?


http://www.whatisscientology.org/Html/Part02/Chp06/pg0181_1.html Please see far right column with heading, "Ability Gained."

(James, I sent the demand letter to the same e-mail and snail mail address as given on your web site.)

There was a guy who came out of the org and came up to Gerry and with what were practiced TRs, asked, "Why are you here?" To which Gerry replied, "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" Gerry said what he always says, that we are here to protest the Scientology cult's abuses and criminality. Then the young man said, "You should leave." And in a number of comments, ordered Gerry to the other side of the street. And then the young man himself went to the other side of the street. Sometime later, Gerry found himself on the other side of the street as well, and along came the same guy! And they met at the corner, where Gerry took his photo. Then they both walked back to the scn side of the street. So he is Black Techie #1 on a.b.s.: 2001-11-28-bl-techie-1.jpg

Black Techie #2 (image also on a.b.s. as 2001-11-28-bl-techie-2.jpg) came out of the front door of the organization and planted himself right on the edge of the building property. For the length of time he was in this position it appeared that he was "doing TRs" on us. A few minutes later, James Wood (Windex Man) popped his head out the front door and motioned for BT #2 to return inside.

2001-11-28-ga6.jpg: Here Gerry demos laser precision, correct and standard TR 0. This supersedes any earlier standards for TR 0 and replaces all tech TR films.

2001-11-28-xenu-flyer-signs.jpg: I just love this photo. Here this gentleman engages Gerry in a conversation and wanted to try out his new camera. So he's taking Gerry's picture while clutching a Xenu flyer.

2001-11-28-bogie-cl1.jpg: Here's Bogie, the totally professional picketer, with xenu.net badge, waterproof flyer folder, sign and Wog hat , handing out Xenu flyers with perfect TRs. In a mid-picket debrief, he advised that he was fully hatted in Amsterdam on the flyer tech. Note: BT #2 behind Bogie.

2001-11-28-bogie-cl6.jpg Here we've got our celebrity doing double duty.

2001-11-28-bogie-2.jpg and 2001-11-28-ga5.jpg I just love these of Gerry and Bogie in the coffee shop.

2001-11-28-vm-poster-3.jpg This is a photograph of a John Carmichael poster displayed at the front of the organization. Scn is now using the Golden Dawn cross for their Vulture Minister logo. Poor quality image, but it shows the logo fairly well at least. See also: http://www.entheta.ca/caroline/golden-dawn-cross.html for a blurb on Scientology and the Golden Dawn.

After the picket, we enjoyed a fun lunch with another west coast critic and did a whirlwind tour of Vancouver with Bogie. It was a stupendous day all around.

Come back soon Bogie! And we welcome many more celebrity guests for upcoming Vancouver picket extravaganzas.


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