Toronto Picket Report 2001-12-01
2 Dec 2001
"Android Cat" <androidcat99@hotmail.com>

At one point I said "Hey Gregg, that's hate speech." "???" "Yeah, Scientology *hates* it!" :^)

We did get a lot of people saying "Yeah, I agree with you!" Nice, but perhaps we should try to harness that sentiment. Even a few of those people writing city council and asking why the Toronto Org gets large break on its property tax might do something. A hand-out with a fact sheet and sample letter might be an idea. (The Toronto Org got the break on grounds of "poverty". Odd how no other failing businesses get such a break, and since the Org gives 10% [before costs] of income to the parent church, I doubt it could ever make money. The Canadian government says that it isn't a charity.)

We also got a fair number of honking affirmations. (I could do without the noise...)

The Woman Who Would Be Victim was an incredibly bad actor. Andy Hill was taping part of the performance, but from way down the side of the building. The only camera she was playing for was Gregg's. In future, I'd recommend just walking around her, but ignoring her otherwise. If she wants to keep fleeing from Gregg by standing in front of him, it'd make a funnier video than "dizzy" Mary.

Interesting facts: The $cientology "Chapel" has only one exit, and right now the interior is piled with furniture -- the fire codes are being seriously bent. Other codes too--since the org is eight stories, they need two elevators, and one has been broken for at least five years. The majority of windows on the 2nd floor along the front are cracked, and I'm sure they fixed them all last year. Either Avenue Road Roofing (WISE) did a bad job, or those blown body thetans pack a lot of mass!

Ron of that ilk.


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