Wash DC Paranormal Critic Activity
2 Dec 2001
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Wash DC Paranormal Critic Activity
(commonly known as a "picket report")

At least one person who was operating exterior to Scientology used terrestrial communication to impart the message to passersby that human bodies are infested with space aliens, and that this was what Scientology charged people 300,000 dollars for. At least one other peron, also using terrestrial means and operating exterior to Scientology mass, energy, space and time, communicated that the foregoing message was actually a secret.

Most of the passersby were observed using paranormal mental energy in a decided effort to process one or the other of these messages. Some of them expressed skepticism. These expressions were not always visible to the naked eye, but could be sensed nonetheless. Earth flyers were handed out to people in front of the Scientology building that included the following public serivce message:

Scientologists are Wide Open to Blackmail

In late October 2001 this web page http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.com/extremists/cisarj1.html published the following statement:

"Cisar was involved in selling illegal drugs just prior to and during his tenure in the Navy".

After I asked the webmaster to remove the libelous statement and s/he complied, I received a response from the webmaster of that page, which included the following:

"We disagree that the statement is libelous based on the evidence we have. Your memory appears to be faulty and contradictory with prior statements you made on this subject."

I fully agree that the preceding libelous statement does not appear "contradictory with prior statements" I made to my Scientology auditor. But as far as I know, the only record that was kept of statements of this sort was my auditing records. I have see n no evidence within a reasonable amount of time that the libelous statement originated from anywhere else than my auditing records of a quarter century ago.

Instead, the libelous statement was removed from the site. Scientology has NO HOPE of proving in a timely manner that the origin of its libelous statement was from any place other than my auditing records.

The only other way the webmaster could have known about my prior statements would have been from former Scientologists. However, practicing Scientologists do not make it a habit to talk about selling drugs to each other. Now I'll proceed to the truthful ness of the libelous statement.

1) I have never been charged, much less convicted, of any crime. Verbally accused, yes, but nothing that anyone has ever deemed to be of any consequence. 2) On more than one occasion, the FBI contacted all my close friends that knew me before I went i nto and while I was in the Navy. I had them listed on security forms. At the time my friends were contacted, they all gave me good recommendations. That is what they told me and I believe them.

Now Scientology has had plenty of time to substantiate its false propaganda on me, but all its dirty tricks department can do is sit and grin. :-) If they got their libel from an official criminal record or from a newspaper, why haven't they webbed it? If it is from a living human being, that person has not made a credible statement to back up the previous false data within a reasonable time frame, even though failure to do so lends credence to evidence that Scientology uses confidential auditing record s for extortionary purposes.

Moreover, due to the fact that I gave Scientology auditors misleading information which led to non-factual conclusions being published by Scientology on its poison-pen web page, the first week Scientology's poison-pen page on me was webbed, I was 99 perce nt certain that Scientology culls information from auditing sessions for its poison-pen reports. The next week 99.9 percent, the next week 99.99 percent and so on. Now, this is so close as to be virtually 100 percent certain. I'm positive Scientology has witnesses to me making statements from which it could be concluded that I was involved in wrongdoing. They are or were Scientology auditors. If Scientology would have actually had valid substantiation on me to begin with - which they were not afra id to show the public - they could have presented it without ever giving it a second thought.

When I saw the false information Scientologists published, I REPEATEDLY made a LOT of noise because I knew there was no documentation for it, other than what was in my pre-Sea-Org auditing folders. Last I looked, the web page still contained information I had given Scientology auditors about my childhood, even though that particular information is not particularly libelous, or for that matter, true. With me, Scientology is faced with the problem of manufacturing evidence to prove its own libel. But with others, Scientology's betrayal of trust will forever remain secret.

Joe Cisar



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