Picket report, 01 Dec 2001, London UK [XENU]
05 Dec 2001


A fine day was had by all at the London Lisa McPherson memorial picket this weekend.

Well, the clams[1] may not have had a wonderful time, but I hope that the members get tiny seeds of doubt sown in their minds for later germination.

We started late and got off to a loud start with Dave being very loud on the sound system. John took over and we settled in for the routine. Even if I do say so myself, the sound system really did a great job. Even late in the demo, when the clams put up some horribly distorted mand fairly loud usic, the sound system put our message across to people far away (and on the other side of the street).

The clams had decided to crowd us this time, and were standing on our toes (almost literally). It weas suggested to them, that they would be happier on their own side of the pavement (where the protesters are not welcome, of course), but as always, any kind of sense madse no impact on them.

A few choice moments were had when passer-bys asked clams "are you against them?"

The crowding of the sidewalk by the clams was worse than usual, and the mingling with the critics didn't seem all innocent. The annpying blonde "laywer" lady and her anoying male white-haired accomplice arrived late, but she wasted no time in crowding Dave and kicked him on the leg. The kick was massivey ineffective, but I slotted in between the two of them just in case she decided to have another go.

Although most of these people are just victims who were turned into jerks by the cult conditioning, one does wonder if perhaps completely obnoxious people find a particularly attractive environment in $cientology.

Pictures to follow shortly.

Happy Supression



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