20th Toronto picket this year
30 Dec 2001
hkhenson@cogeco.ca (Keith Henson)

Gregg was counting up the Toronto pickets this year and it came to 19.

Not wanting to leave it at an odd number, Arel, Gregg, the Unknown picketer and I put in a short picket Sat afternoon in spite of it being a bit nippy. As usual I was across the street.

The org was in total non confront. Gregg only had one of them even say a word to him. Arel had an interesting conversation with a guy who claimed to be a son of the Rev. Leslie Grove. He said the Rev had preached against Scientology. A woman mentioned that she had a horror storks from former members to tell and Arel suggested she put them on the net.

The people who came by were highly supportive. I would estimate we gave out 150-200 flyers, which is darn good for it being that cold.

The org called the cops again, but this time the cop who responded just drove by, checked out the picket from the warmth of his car, waved and drove on.

Keith Henson


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