PICKET REPORT Sat 2002/feb/02, in Birmingham (UK). [XENU]
03 Feb 2002

[Dave's post missing on Newsguy, so starting from scratch]

In spite of the dire predictions for weather and an average effort from the very best privatised rail "service" available in the UK, I managed to get to Birmingham for the last hour of our demo yesterday.

Four Internet kind of persons and two parent type of persons braved the wind and the slight rain and handed out some leaflets. We also made contact with the locas who were overwhelmingly supportive.

A passer-by said that the Co$ had taken her for a small amount for a course which had been absolutely no use and now she couldn't get the money back. It was a small amount, and she had learned a valuable lesson (when a $cientologist tells you something, that something is usually an outright lie or a useless generality). Actual quote: "The always say you have got a problem when you haven't got a problem and they invent that problem for you"

A police person passed by and agtreed that as long as we didn't create a disturbance we were free to continue our protest.

As the drizzling turned a little heavier, we made for an indoors environment and called it a day. SP powers must make one clair-voyant, because 15 minutes later the skies had truly opened and outside was the place not to be.

Suppressive regards



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